Justin Chen

I am currently a postdoc at Georgia Tech, under Anton Leykin. My primary research interest is commutative algebra; secondary interests include (numerical) algebraic geometry and combinatorics.

During fall 2018 I will be taking part in the Nonlinear algebra program at ICERM.

I was a mathematics graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley from 2012 - 2018. My advisor was David Eisenbud.

I received a B.S. in Math from Purdue University, where I first learned commutative algebra from Bernd Ulrich.

You can reach me at "jchen" AT "math.berkeley.edu". My CV can be found here.

Papers (on arXiv)

  • Computing unit groups of curves, arxiv:1808.02742

  • Flat maps to and from Noetherian rings, arXiv:1711.04958

  • Infinite prime avoidance, arXiv:1710.05496

  • Surjections of unit groups and semi-inverses, arXiv:1710.05492

  • Mono: an algebraic study of torus closures, arXiv:1710.04614

  • Closed points on schemes, arXiv:1708.06494

  • Numerical Implicitization for Macaulay2 (joint with J. Kileel), arXiv:1610.03034, code available at GitHub

  • Invertible sums of matrices, arXiv:1603.06696

  • Matroids: A Macaulay2 package, arXiv:1511.04618, code available at GitHub

  • Graded irreducible modules are irreducible (joint with Y. Kim), arXiv:1508.07518

  • Teaching at Berkeley

  • Berkeley prelim workshop, 2015 - 2017

  • Math 250A, fall 2017
  • Math 113, fall 2017
  • Math 113, spring 2017
  • Math 54, spring 2016
  • Math 54, fall 2014
  • Math 1B, summer 2014
  • Math 1A, spring 2014
  • Math 53, fall 2013
  • Math 16B, summer 2013
  • Math 1B, spring 2013
  • Math 1A, fall 2012