Jess Banks

I am a fourth year PhD candidate in the UC Berkeley Mathematics department, working with Nikhil Srivastava. My research spans theoretical computer science, probability, and statistical physics, with particular focus on random graphs and semidefinite programming; I'm currently funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. The pronouns I like are she/her or they/them.


Gaussian Regularization of the Pseudospectrum and Davies' Conjecture (with Archit Kulkarni, Satyaki Mukherjee, and Nikhil Srivastava), Preprint [arXiv: 1705.01194]

Vector Colorings of Random, Ramanujan, and Large-Girth Irregular Graphs (with Luca Trevisan), Preprint [arXiv: 1705.01194]

The Lovasz Theta Function for Random Regular Graphs, and Community Detection in the Hard Regime (with Robert Kleinberg and Cristopher Moore), SIAM J. Computing 48(3):1098–1119 (2019). [arXiv: 1705.01194]

Information-Theoretic Bounds and Phase Transitions in Clustering, Sparse PCA, and Submatrix Localization (with Cristopher Moore, Roman Vershynin, Nicolas Verzelen, and Jiaming Xu), IEEE Transactions of Information Theory (2018) 64 No. 7. [arXiv:1607.05222]

Information-theoretic thresholds for community detection in sparse networks (with Cristopher Moore, Joe Neeman, and Praneeth Netrapalli), COLT (2016) [arXiv:1607.01760]


Fall 2019: GSI, CS 70 with Profs. Sinclair and Song
Spring 2017: GSI, Math 54 with Prof. Werheim
Fall 2016: GSI, Math 10A with Prof. Ribet


Office: 1045 Evans Hall
Email: first name . m . last name @ berkeley