Insuk Seo

Morrey Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley 

  • Office: Evans Hall 1073

  • E-mail: insuk [at] berkeley [dot] edu


My recent researches focus on:

  • Large-scale analysis of the non-equilibrium interacting particle systems.

  • Metastablility of the non-reversible Markov Processes.
List of articles:
  1. I. Seo (2016). Large deviation principle for interacting Brownian motions. (Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics)
    - arXiv link:
    - Journal link:

  2. I. Seo (2015). Scaling limit of two-component interacting Brownian motions. (submitted)
    - arXiv link:

  3. I. Seo and C. Landim (2016). Metastability of non-reversible random walks in a potential field, the Eyring-Kramers transition rate formula. (To appear in Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics)
    - arXiv link:

  4. I. Seo and C. Landim (2016). Metastability of non-reversible mean-field Potts model with three spins. (Journal of Statistical Physics)
    - arXiv link:
    - Journal link:

  5. I. Seo, C. Landim and M. Mariani (2017). A Dirichlet and a Thomson principle for non-selfadjoint elliptic operators, Metastability in non-reversible diffusion processes. (submitted)
    - arXiv link:


B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, Seoul National University, 2003.3~2007.3
  • Summa Cum Laude
Ph.D. in Mathematics, New York University, 2007.9~2016.5
  • Academic Advisor: S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan

  • Research Area: Probability Theory

  • (Mandatory) Military service in South Korea, 2009.2~2012.5

Honors and Awards
  • Silver Medal, 43rd International Mathematical Olympiad, 2002

  • 1st Place, Korean Contest of Mathematics for University Students, 2005 (2nd places in 2003, 2004)

  • The Presidential Science Scholarship, 2003~2007

  • Samsung Scholarship, 2007~2015

  • Harold Grad Prize, Courant Institute, 2015

  • Wilhelm T. Magnus Memorial Prize, Courant Institute, 2016