Marina Iliopoulou


     Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley      

     Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor



     e-mail: m.iliopoulou at berkeley dot edu


     Research interests: harmonic analysis, incidence geometry, 

                              geometric measure theory, additive combinatorics


  1. Inequalities of Riesz-Sobolev type for compact connected Abelian groups (with M. Christ) (2018).

  3. Sharp estimates for oscillatory integral operators via polynomial partitioning (with L. Guth, J. Hickman) (2017), submitted.

  5. A multilinear Fourier extension identity on ℝn (with J. Bennett) (2017), to appear in Math. Res. Lett.

  7. A sharp k-plane Strichartz inequality for the Schrödinger equation (with J. Bennett, N. Bez, T. Flock, S. Gutierrez), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 370, no. 8, 5617-5633 (2018).

  9. Incidence bounds on multijoints and generic joints, Discrete Comput. Geom. 54, no. 2, 481-512 (2015).

  11. Counting multijoints, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 136, 143-163 (2015).

  13. Flow monotonicity and Strichartz inequalities, (with J. Bennett, N. Bez), Int. Math. Res. Not. 19, 9415-9437 (2015).

  15. Counting joints in vector spaces over arbitrary fields (with A. Carbery) (2014).

  17. Counting joints with multiplicities, Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. (3) 106, no. 3, 675-702 (2013).

  In preparation

  1. Joints formed by lines and a k-plane, and more (with A. Carbery).

  3. Sharp estimates for Hormander-type oscillatory integral operators with phase of any signature (with J. Hickman).

  PhD thesis

    Discrete analogues of Kakeya problems, University of Edinburgh, 2013.

    PhD advisor: A. Carbery.

  August 2016 - July 2019

    Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley.

  Jan 2017 - May 2017

    MSRI Postdoctoral Fellow for Spring 2017 Harmonic Analysis program, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute,             Berkeley.

  Sep 2013 - Aug 2016

    Research Fellow for J. Bennett's ERC project "Multilinear Transversal Harmonic Analysis", School of Mathematics,             University of Birmingham.

  Sep 2009 - Aug 2013

    PhD Discrete analogues of Kakeya problems with A. Carbery, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.

  Sep 2005 - Aug 2009

    Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.






  • Talk at Special Session on Analysis and Geometry of Fractals at AMS sectional meeting, San Francisco, USA (October 2018, upcoming).
  • Talk at MSRI Academic Sponsors Day, MSRI, Berkeley, USA (March 2017).
  • Talk at LMS Graduate Student Meeting in London, UK (November 2012); received prize for best talk.
  • Talk at Harmonic Analysis/PDEs Workshop organised by LMS in Birmingham, UK (November 2011).


  • UC Davis analysis seminar (USA, June 2018).
  • University of South Florida analysis colloquium (USA, March 2018).
  • Caltech analysis seminar (USA, November 2017).
  • Washington University at St Louis colloquium (USA, September 2017).
  • MSRI postdoc analysis seminar (Berkeley, USA, May 2017).
  • Durham geometry seminar (UK, June 2016).
  • London analysis seminar (at King's College) (UK, March 2016).
  • Bristol combinatorics seminar (UK, February 2016).
  • Purdue analysis seminar (USA, December 2015).
  • Indiana analysis seminar (USA, December 2015).
  • Chicago analysis seminar (USA, December 2015).
  • Wisconsin-Madison analysis seminar (USA, December 2015).
  • Duke analysis seminar (USA, November 2015).
  • MIT analysis seminar (November 2015).
  • Joint Caltech-UCLA analysis seminar (USA, November 2015).
  • Berkeley analysis seminar (USA, November 2015).
  • Bristol analysis seminar (UK, October 2014).
  • LSE discrete mathematics and game theory seminar (UK, February 2014).
  • Birmingham joint combinatorics and analysis seminar (UK, October 2013).
  • Edinburgh analysis seminar (UK, February 2013).
  • Athens analysis seminar (Greece, February 2013).

 Study groups



  • Supervising MSci student Felix James-Kahn (School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 2015-2016).



  • Exercise classes for MSc course Pure Analysis, SMSTC (School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, 2012&2013).

  • Tutoring for undergraduate courses, including Applicable Mathematics and Mathematical Methods (Year 1), Proofs and Problem Solving (Year 3), Metric Spaces (Year 3), Topology (Year 4) (School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, 2009-2013).

Conferences/Long programmes


  • Harmonic Analysis/PDEs workshop, Birmingham (with J. Bennett, N. Bez), November 2013.
  • Harmonic Analysis/PDEs workshop, Birmingham (with T. Flock, T. Luque, M. Reguera), March 2015.


  • Birmingham analysis working group meetings, Spring-Summer 2015.
  • Member of the Equality and Diversity Committee (School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham), 2015-2016.

  Long visits

  Short visits