Math 53: Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

Instructor: Michael Hutchings

Winter 1999



  • (3/21) The final grades are done. If you gave me a secret code, your grade should be posted here. I think that as a class you did very well. I'm off for spring break now. Bye!
  • (3/5) It is now very easy to minor in mathematics . Under the newly revised requirements, it is enough to take the 50 series plus three higher courses. (The 50 series classes can count simultaneously for a minor in math and for a major in another subject that requires them.) Click here for the official requirements. If you have questions about which courses to choose, I'll be happy to discuss it.
  • (3/5) I was supposed to make up an extra credit assignment and I forgot. But if you would still like a small amount of extra credit, see me. You could for instance do one of the computer projects in the book or work through a section of the book which we didn't do in class.
  • (2/19) Want free pizza ? Interested in career opportunities involving applied mathematics? Click here.
  • (2/4) Next week I will move my Thursday office hours to Tuesday, 3:30-5:00. Jacob will move his Wednesday office hour to Tuesday from 2:00-3:30.
  • (1/20) There is a Math 51/52/53 consulting center. The hours are Sun 7-9pm, Mon 7-10pm, Tue 7-8pm, Wed 7-9pm, Thu 7-9pm. The room is 381-B.
  • (1/4) Due to a miscommunication, before the New Year the bookstore listed the wrong textbook for this course. The textbook is not Multivariable calculus, Stanford custom edition by Barr, Edwards, and Penney. (That is the book for Math 51 and 52.) The textbook for this course is Differential equations: computing and modeling by Edwards and Penney, and it should arrive in the bookstore early this week.
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    Last updated: Mar. 21, 1999