Math 53: Multivariable calculus

UC Berkeley, Fall 2003


Michael Hutchings
[My last name with the last letter deleted]
Office phone: 510-642-4329.
Office: 923 Evans.
Tentative office hours: Tuesday 3 - 5 (primarily for Math 53), Thursday 10-11 (primarily for Math 215a).

Head TA

Scott Morrison
[His first name]

The head TA is responsible for managing all section changes, and enrolling students on the waitlist into the course. If you are on the waitlist or want to change sections, please see the instructions here.

Lectures (TuTh)

Lectures take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:10 to 9:30 in 155 Dwinelle. In addition, there are the following discussion sections which meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

TA's and discussion sections (MWF)


The textbook for this course is Stewart, Calculus: early transcendentals, fourth edition.

There is also a book of "worksheets" which must be purchased at Copy Central.

Homework and quizzes

Homework is assigned for each Tuesday/Thursday lecture, see the syllabus. Homework from a Tuesday lecture is due in the discussion section on Friday, three days later. Homework from a Thursday lecture is due in section on the following Monday. You can check your answers at the back of the book (if you get the wrong answer, try again!) but you need to turn in solutions, not just answers. Each assignment will be given a pass/fail grade based on completeness.

Some homework solutions are available here.

There will be a weekly quiz each Wednesday in discussion section, except for the first week and the weeks of the midterms.


There will be two midterms, on Thursday October 2 and on Thursday November 13. The final exam is on Thursday December 18. Calculators and notes will NOT be allowed for the exams.


If you miss Midterm #1, then Midterm #2 will count for 40% of your grade. If you take Midterm #1 but miss Midterm #2, then the final will count for 60% of your grade. If you take neither Midterm #1 or Midterm #2, you will fail the course.

Syllabus and homework assignments

More details about the course will be posted here later...

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