Math 242: Symplectic Geometry

UC Berkeley, Spring 2019


Michael Hutchings
Office: 923 Evans.
Tentative office hours: Thursday 9:00-11:00


The main references for this course are the following two books. We will also be discussing some topics which are not in either of these books, particularly in regard to holomorphic curve techniques, and I will give references for those as we go along.


In this course we will introduce the basic structures of symplectic geometry (corresponding to most of the course catalog description) as well as contact geometry (the odd dimensional counterpart of symplectic geometry). We will also introduce holomorphic curve techniques and applications (omitting hard analysis proofs). The precise topics covered will be similar to but not exactly the same as the last time I taught this course; you can see the summary here.

Final project

The only requirement for this course is to complete a final project, in which you will learn about a topic of interest in or related to symplectic geometry, and then either write a short (5-10 page) expository article about it, or give a short (30 minute) presentation.

Lecture summaries and references

After each lecture, brief summaries and references will be posted here.