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Berkeley Topology seminar
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Location and time
Introductory talk: Wednesdays 2-3pm in 736 Evans
Research talk: Wednesdays 4-5pm in 3 Evans
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Kathryn Mann
Hongbin Sun

Titles and abstracts

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
8/31 David Fisher (Indiana University) Lyapunov exponents for higher rank abelian actions, subexponential growth and homogeneous dynamics (2-3pm)
Zimmer's conjecture: subexponential growth, measure rigidity and strong property (T) (4-5pm)
9/7 Hongbin Sun (UC Berkeley) Properties of fibered structures and subgroups of hyperbolic 3-manifolds (2-3pm)
NonLERFness of arithmetic hyperbolic manifold groups (4-5pm)
9/21 Kevin Schreve (University of Michigan) Thurston norm via Fox Calculus (2-3pm)
Thurston norm via Fox Calculus (4-5pm)
10/5 Inkang Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) Introduction to Gromov simplicial volume (2-3pm)
Positivity of the Gromov simplicial volume of Q-rank one locally symmetric spaces (4-5pm)
10/12 Christopher Tuffley (Massey University) Special time and location: 10-11am in 939 Evans
Intrinsic linking in higher dimensions, and with linking numbers divisible by q
10/12 Vaibhav Gadre (University of Glasgow) An introductory survey of random walks on the mapping class group (2-3pm)
The stratum of a random mapping class (4-5pm)
10/19 Nick Salter (University of Chicago) Monodromy, moduli spaces, and the mapping class group (2-3pm)
On the monodromy group of the family of smooth plane curves (4-5pm)
11/2 Juan Souto (Universite de Rennes 1 & IRMAR) Counting curves in hyperbolic surfaces (introductory talk) (2-3pm)
Counting curves in hyperbolic surfaces (4-5pm)
11/9 Dan Margalit (Gatech) Introduction to Mapping Class Groups and Curve Complexes (2-3pm)
Models for mapping class groups (4-5pm)
11/16 Mehdi Yazdi (Princeton University) Pseudo-Anosov maps and dilatation (2-3pm)
Bounds for the minimum dilatation (4-5pm)
11/30 Alina Vdovina (Newcastle University) Combinatorial structure of graph embeddings and buildings (2-3pm)
Buildings, surfaces and equations in groups (4-5pm)

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
1/11 Kathryn Mann (UC Berkeley) Special location: 740 Evans
Groups acting on the circle (4-5pm)
1/18 Sebastian Hurtado (University of Chicago) Group actions on the circle and surfaces (2-3pm)
Burnside problem for diffeomorphism groups (4-5pm)
1/25 Eric Samperton (UC Davis) Dunfield and Thurston's stable description of certain finite Mod(Σg) actions (2-3pm)
Computational complexity and 3-manifolds and zombies (4-5pm)
2/1 No Seminar Chern Lectures (Sergiu Klainerman)
2/8 James Conway (UC Berkeley) Heegaard Floer homology in Contact Geometry (2-3pm)
Tight Contact Structures via Admissible Transverse Surgery (4-5pm)
2/15 Wouter van Limbeek (U Michigan) Expanding maps on manifolds (2-3pm)
Towers of regular self-covers and linear endomorphisms of tori (4-5pm)
2/22 Eric Zaslow (Northwestern University) Combinatorics of Legendrian Surfaces (2-3pm)
3/1 Claudia Scheimbauer (Max Planck) Introdution to fully extended topological field theories and the Cobordism Hypothesis (2-3pm)
Fully extended twisted field theories (4-5pm)
3/8 Bulent Tosun (University of Alabama) Tight contact three manifolds (2-3pm)
Obstructing pseudo-convex embeddings of Brieskorn spheres into complex 2-space (4-5pm)
3/15 Chris Schommer-Pries (Notre Dame) Pontryagin-Thom as a bridge from homotopy to (higher) categories (2-3pm)
Extended topological field theories in low dimensions (4-5pm)
3/22 Ahmad Rafiqi (Cornell) Classification of surface homeomorphisms and dilatations of pseudo-Anosov maps (2-3pm)
Constructing pseudo-Anosov maps and typical properties of biPerron numbers (4-5pm)
4/5 Scott Taylor (Colby College) Thin position and additive invariants of knots (2-3pm)
Additive Invariants of Knots, Links, and Spatial Graphs in 3-manifolds (4-5pm)
4/12 Joseph Maher (CUNY) Random walks on groups with negative curvature (2-3pm)
Random subgroups of acylindrical groups (4-5pm)
4/19 Alex Wright (Stanford) Astonishingly symmetric flat surfaces (2-3pm)
Dynamics, geometry, and the moduli space of Riemann surfaces (4-5pm)
4/26 Allison Moore (UC Davis) Symmetric unions without crossing changes (2-3pm)
Cosmetic crossing changes (4-5pm)
5/3 Peter Teichner (UC Berkeley) Link homotopy in dimensions 3 (2-3pm)
Link homotopy in dimensions 4 (4-5pm)
5/4 Aaron Mazel-Gee (OSU) Special seminar at 736 Evans
The geometry of the cyclotomic trace (2-3pm)

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