Hongbin Sun

       Morrey Assistant Professor

       Department of Mathematics

       University of California, Berkeley

I am currently a Morrey Assistant Professor at the Mathematics Department of UC Berkeley.

I received my Ph.D from the Mathematics Department of Princeton University, and my advisor is Professor David Gabai. I received my B.S. degree and M.A. degree from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University in 2007 and 2009 respectively, and my master advisor is Professor Shicheng Wang.

Starting from the fall 2017, I will be an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department of Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

I am interested in low dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry. My research topic includes: groups of (high dimensional) hyperbolic manifolds, virtual properties of hyperbolic 3-manifolds, non-zero degree maps between 3-manifolds, and pseudo-Anosov maps versus the topology of mapping tori.

I co-organize the Berkeley Topology Seminar.





Curriculum Vitae