An Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions

George M. Bergman

This text, based on course notes for the Berkeley course Math 245, "General Theory of Algebraic Structures" taught over the years, has now appeared in Springer's Universitext series, with ISBN 978-3-319-11477-4, eBook ISBN 978-3-319-11478-1, and  DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-11478-1.  

Here is the PDF file for the version I submitted to Springer, which has essentially the same content as the published version, but differs in pagination and some details of formatting.  Here are errata and addenda that I have noted since it appeared. 

If you have any corrections or comments, you can e-mail me: 

When I teach the course, I maintain a list of answers to some questions submitted by students I've combined the lists from Spring 2008, Fall 2011, and Spring 2014 into this list, adjusting the references to the 2015 edition of the text.  Here is a similar list, from when I taught the course in Fall 2015, which I will eventually combine with the preceding.