Federico Pasqualotto

I am a Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. During the Spring 2021 semester I will be attending the semester program Mathematical problems in fluid mechanics at MSRI.

I can be emailed at fpasqualotto *at* berkeley *dot* edu.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University under the supervision of Mihalis Dafermos and Peter Constantin.

I am a co-organizer of the Berkeley Analysis and PDE Seminar.

Research Interests

Partial Differential Equations: General Relativity, Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Waves.


  • Ph.D., Princeton University, 2020.
  • M.Sc., ETH Zürich, 2014.
  • B.Sc. (Laurea), University of Milan, 2012.

  • Teaching

    I am not teaching during the Spring 2021 semester.

    Publications and Preprints


  • Analysis Seminar, UC Berkeley, October 2020.
  • Analysis Seminar, UC San Diego, May 2020. Canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • General Relativity and Geometric Analysis Seminar, Columbia University, April 2020. Canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Analysis seminar, Princeton University. December 2019.
  • AMS sectional meeting, UC Riverside. November 2019.
  • EquaDiff conference, Universität Leiden. July 2019.
  • Junior analysis seminar, Imperial college. London, July 2019.
  • Marcel Grossmann meeting, Session on problems of mathematical general relativity. Rome, July 2018.
  • AMS sectional meeting, Northeastern University. Boston, April 2018.
  • FMSP Tokyo-Princeton joint student seminar, University of Tokyo. January 2018.
  • Princeton-Tokyo fluid mechanics workshop, Princeton University. November 2017.
  • General relativity seminar, UPMC. Paris, November 2017.

  • Teaching Experience

  • Instructor for Math 104 (Introduction to real analysis), Fall 2020 (2 sections).
  • Assistant in instruction for EGR 192 (An integrated introduction to Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, instructor: Casey Kelleher), Fall 2019.
  • Instructor for MAT 103 (Calculus I, course head: J. Johnson), Spring 2019.
  • Teaching assistant for MAT 103 (Calculus I, instructor: J. Fickenscher), Fall 2018.
  • Teaching assistant for MAT 520 (Functional analysis, instructor: P. Constantin), Spring 2018.
  • Teaching assistant for MAT 427 (Ordinary Differential Equations, instructor: T. Buckmaster), Spring 2018.
  • Teaching assistant for MAT 216 (Honors analysis, instructors: R. Gunning and V. Vicol), Fall 2017.
  • Teaching assistant for MAT 218 (Honors analysis, instructor: R. Gunning), Spring 2017.