Eugene Rabinovich

I am a third-year graduate student in the math department at UC Berkeley. During the period July-December 2017, I am at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn. I am interested in mathematical physics, in particular in functorial field theories and factorization algebras, which seem to be two related axiomatizations of quantum field theory. My current project involves illuminating connections between index theory and anomaly computations in QFT in the style of Costello and Gwilliam; namely, I am in the process of exhibiting the index of a Dirac operator as the obstruction to the persistence of a classical scaling symmetry after quantization. My other ongoing project is to give a factorization-algebraic definition of the notion of a "partition function."

How to contact me:

e-mail: [the letters after the tilde in the URL of this page][at]math[dot]berkeley[dot]edu
office: 869 Evans Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720 office at MPIM: B21

Research and Papers:

The Conformal Manifold in 2d N=(2,2) SCFTs. Undergraduate Physics Thesis. Duke University. May 2015.


Fall 2016 Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Spring 2016 Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations


A Proof of the McKean-Singer Formula via Equivariant Quantization. Teichner Student Seminar. April 2016.

The beta-gamma Prefactorization Algebra. UCB Factorization Algebra Seminar. Feb 2017.

The Reshetikhin-Turaev ribbon invariants, UCB Geometry, Representations, and Some Physics seminar. October 2016.

Various Talks on Dijkgraaf-Witten Theory, given in the UCB Student Differential Geometry seminar, the UCB student Mathematical Physics Seminar, and the European Talbot Summer School. Spring 2016.

The Categorical Language of Quantum Physics, given to undergraduates in UCB Women in Math. March 2016.

A Crash Course in Semisimple Lie Algebras and Dynkin Diagrams. UCB student mathematical physics seminar. Feb 2016.

The Divergence Complex and Feynman Diagrams, with Aaron Mazel-Gee. UCB student seminar on factorization algebras. Feb 2016.

Gauge Theory and the Jones Polynomial. UCB student seminar on differential geometry and low-dimensional topology. Oct 2015.

The Conformal Manifold in 2d N=(2,2) SCFTs. Undergraduate Physics Thesis Defense. Duke University. May 2015.