How to run simulations on your computer (optional)

The code that we will look at currently can be found here (at some point it will be merged with this code). If you want to run simulations yourself you can clone the git repository.

This code is written for GPU, but it is not necessary to have a good GPU for small simulations – the integrated one on your laptop will work. To run code on your GPU you will need to have either CUDA or OpenCL installed.

The code is written in C++. The compiler used for the CUDA version is nvcc, and for the OpenCL version is g++. If you run windows you will need to install Microsoft Visual Studio with the extension for C++ development. For the g++ compiler there are a couple of options for installation on windows. I run it through git bash, but I do not remember the details of installation.

Compilation instructions for the examples are in the README. Once compiled, you should run the executable file. It will produce output svg and txt files in the Examples/ExamplesOut folder that you can look at.