Dominique Maldague

Dominique Maldague

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
California, USA 94720

Office: 1004 Evans Hall
Email: dmal AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu
Curriculum Vitae


I am a fifth year graduate student in Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley.  My advisor is Michael Christ, with whom I have studied extremization problems in harmonic analysis.


A symmetrization inequality shorn of symmetry (j. with Michael Christ, arxiv) 2018

A constrained optimization problem for the Fourier transform: Quantitative analysis (to appear in the Journal of Geometric Analysis) 2018

A constrained optimization problem for the Fourier transform: Existence (arxiv) 2018

Research Talks

A constrained optimization problem for the Fourier transform
Analysis seminar, 2018, Georgia Tech, UCLA/Caltech, Michigan State

A restricted extremization problem for the Fourier transform
Young Women in Harmonic Analysis and PDE, 2016, University of Bonn

Character Table Methods for Calculating Rank of Finite Groups
Young Mathematicians Conference, The Ohio State University, August 2013

Expository Talks

An elementary proof of the Hasse-Weil theorem for hyperelliptic curves. after S. Stepanov
Decoupling and Polynomial Methods in Analysis, 2017, University of Bonn

Fourier series as geometric rough paths
Harmonic analysis seminar 2016, UC Berkeley

The partial sum process of orthogonal expansion as geometric rough process with Fourier series as an example, an improvement of Menshov-Rademacher theorem, after T. Lyons and D. Yang
Paraproducts and Analysis of Rough Paths, 2016, University of Bonn

Existence of Extremals for a Fourier Restriction Inequality, after M. Christ and S. Shao
Student Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar, UC Berkely, September 2015
Sharp Inequalities in Harmonic Analysis, University of Bonn, August 2015


UC Berkeley

Spring 2016: GSI Math 202B

Spring 2014: GSI Math 1B

Fall 2013: GSI Math 54

Spring 2013: GSI Math 16B


dmal AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu
1004 Evans Hall
970 Evans Hall #3840
Department of Mathematics
Berkeley, California 94720-3840