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Solutions to Integration Problems



Week Worksheet Solutions HW Quizzes Topics
1 Syllabus Hints for HW1 Alert Quiz Course Intro
2 Tuesday Solutions for HW1 Quiz1 Functions & Precalc
Hints for HW2
3 Tuesday Solutions for HW2 Quiz2 Epsilon-Delta Definition
Thursday Limit Computing
4 Tuesday Solutions for HW3 Quiz3 Continuity & Trig Limit-Technique 1: "match up"
Thursday Trig Limit- Technique 2
5 Tuesday Solutions for HW4 Quiz4 Trig Limit- Technique 3 & Asymptotes
Thursday derivative & differentiable
6 Monday Partial Solutions for HW5 No quiz. Midterm1! Review Session
Tuesday Q&A before midterm1
ThursdayProject1 & Related Rates
7 Tuesday Partial solutions for HW6 (#9&11) Quiz5 Implicit differentiation
Thursday IVT/MVT & A beginning of Graphing
8 Tuesday Solutions for HW7 Quiz6 Graphing
Thursday Nothing new
9 Tuesday Solutions for HW8 Quiz7 Optimization (typical type)
Thursday Optimization on closed interval
10 Tuesday No quiz! Enjoy the spring break! Parametric curves
Thursday Exponential/Log; Limit computing
11 Tuesday Solutions to selected problems of HW9&10 (e.g. max of curvature) Quiz8 Exponetial growth/decay; review limit computing
Thursday Curvature; Basics of Integration; Fundamental theorem of calculus
12 Tuesday Good luck everyone! No quiz! The monster of midterm2 comes! Review for midterm2
Thursday exam scores
13 Tuesday Quiz9 integration day1
Thursday integration day2
14 Tuesday Area computing & Volume computing method1(disks)
Thursday Volume computing method1(shells)





My office hours on every Thursday are changed to every Friday 10:00-11:00am!

Sorry for the inconvenience that might have caused!

(By Di on Feb. 10)



HWs will still be collected on Thursdays so that you'll have more time to work on them.

Quizzes will also be on Thursdays. (same as our syllabus)

Sorry for the confusion!

(By Di on Jan. 22)