This is a picture of part of the Newton fractal corresponding to the polynomial z^9+z^6+z^3+1, made using a program I wrote in Mathematica. Click for higher resolution.

Part of the Newton fractal for z^9+z^6+z^3+1.

This is an amazing picture from Mathematica's documentation on DivisorSigma, rendered in much more detail. Click for very high resolution.

Plot under 'Neat Examples' in Mathematica's documentation on DivisorSigma.

This is a joke evolved from the diseased mind of Merritt Boyd, upon my telling him about Richardson extrapolation. The underlying graph is from Numerical Recipes in C. For those not up on their Internet memes, see the prototype here (this Know Your Meme page is notable for using the word "recursion" and for mentioning my favorite book, Gödel, Escher, Bach).

Richardson extrapolation as seen by Xzibit.