I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley, in the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science. I graduated in Spring 2013 from MIT, where I majored in mathematics (course 18) and physics (course 8).

I like math! My favorite fields are logic, set theory, and theoretical computer science, but I'm interested in lots of other stuff as well. Take a look at my research page for some specific things I've been working on.

I also like programming. The largest program I have worked on was the iPhone game WarSquared, the first few versions of which I wrote in 2009-2010. Several friends and I founded a company, Manifold Studios LLC, to develop this game, and we got funding from - among other sources - the government of Singapore. WarSquared was featured on the App Store, and is still being developed, although I'm not working on it anymore.

Other assorted vices I enjoy are sailing, listening to and writing fugues, cinematography, Inform 7, and teaching.