I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley, in the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science. I graduated in Spring 2013 from MIT, where I majored in mathematics (course 18) and physics (course 8).

Me with existential quantifier.

I like math! My favorite fields are logic (see photo at left of me with existential quantifier) and theoretical computer science, but I'm interested in lots of other stuff as well. Take a look at my research page for some specific things I've been working on.

I also like programming. The largest program I have worked on was the iPhone game WarSquared, the first few versions of which I wrote in 2009-2010 (and which was featured on the App Store). Several friends and I founded a company, Manifold Studios LLC, to develop this game, and we got funding from - among other sources - the government of Singapore.

Other assorted vices I enjoy are sailing, listening to (and very occasionally writing) fugues, cinematography, Inform 7, and teaching.