BIG MACdonald Polynomials Seminar

Some Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-12, Room 939 Evans, Fall 2016

Organizers: Chris Miller and Jeremy Meza

CCN:18819 Section 21

Date and Time Speaker Subject References
Thursday, Sept. 1 Chris Miller Background on symmetric function theory Macdonald I.1-8
Thursday, Sept. 8 Jeremy Meza Introduction to Hall-Littlewood polynomials Macdonald III.1-6; Haiman 3.4
Thursday, Sept. 15 Max Wimberley Charge and the q-Kostka numbers Macdonald III.6; Haiman 3.4; Butler 2
Thursday, Sept. 22 Maria Gillespie q-Kostka polynomials and translates of Garnir polynomials Garsia, Procesi; Bergeron, Garsia; Problems
Thursday, Sept. 29 Federico Castillo An introduction to Macdonald polynomials Macdonald VI; Haiman 3.5
Thursday, Oct. 6 Chris Miller A combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomials Haglund, Haiman, Loehr
Thursday, Oct. 13 Jeremy Meza Macdonald positivity and the n! and (n+1)^(n-1) conjectures Haiman 4.1, 4.2; G&H; Geometry
Thursday, Oct. 20 Benjamin Gammage Connection to Hilbert Schemes I Haiman Ch. 5
Thursday, Oct. 27 Oscar Kivinen Connection to Hilbert Schemes II Haiman Ch. 5
Thursday, Nov. 3 Mark Haiman Operators on Macdonald Polynomials
Thursday, Nov. 10 Mark Haiman Operators on Macdonald Polynomials
Thursday, Nov. 17 Mark Haiman Operators on Macdonald Polynomials
Monday, Dec. 5 Monica Vazirani TBA This talk will be held at UC Davis

This seminar is mostly identical to a previous seminar run by Maria Gillespie in 2013.