Math 98: Introduction to MATLAB programming
Spring 2017

Instructor: Christopher Policastro ( )

Office: Evans 1061

Office hours: Tuesday 5:00-6:00
Class Time and Location:

Section 11: Thursday 2-3:30 (Class Number 18199)

Section 12: Thursday 5-6:30 (Class Number 18200)

Class will be held in Evans B3A located in the basement.

Class Description:

A 1 unit P/NP class related to Math 128A and MATH 170 that covers basic programming in MATLAB. Students are expected to have little experience or no experience with programming. See schedule for topics.

Students planning to take MATH 128A or MATH 170 in a later semester are encouraged to enroll in class.

There are 6 homework assignments each worth 1 point. There are 2 projects each worth 2 points. See schedule for posting and dates. 7 of 10 points are needed to receive a passing grade for the class .

Guidelines for homework and project:
Textbook: The textbook Insight through Computing by Charles van Loan and Daisy Fan is required for the class.

The textbook Introduction to MATLAB Programming by J. Dorfman, Decagon Press, Inc is recommended for those students taking MATH 128A. It is available at Krisha Copy Center on University Avenue for about $20 + tax. Please email them your order at Specify name and phone number. It will be available for pick up later.

MATLAB will be available during class in the computer lab Evans B3A. MATLAB can be obtained at UC Berkeley Software Central for student owned computers.

Class Schedule: Section will meet once a week between January 19 and February 23 . Office hours will be held throughout the semester.

Week Topic Slides Code Textbook
1 assignment Lecture 1 problem_1_1.m , problem_1_2.m vL 1.1, vL 1.2
2 iteration Lecture 2 problem_2_1.m , problem_2_2.m , CalcCents.m vL 2.1, vL 3.2
3 functions Lecture 3 problem_3_1.m , probelm_3_2.m , SquaringPlot.m vL 5.3, vL 7.1
4 recursion Lecture 4 problem_4_1.m , problem_4_2.m , BisectionAnimation.m vL 9.3, Dorf 14
5 data Lecture 5 problem_5_1.m , problem_5_2.m , Newton_Animation.m vL 4.3, vL 9.2
6 graphics Lecture 6 Exercise.m , Plotter.m , LangtonAntAnimation.m vL 4.2, vL 7.3
02/09 simplex algorithm README.txt Demo.m , PhaseI.m , Pivot.m , PhaseII.m MATH 170

Homework: Homework is due on the dates in the table. Upload to bCourses before 11:59pm. Remember to complete the anonymous survey after RRR week. The survey appears on bCourses under Quizzes. Solutions will appear on bCourses.

Homework 1 Homework 2 Homework 3 Homework 4 Homework 5, LangtonAntPlot.m Homework 6
Jan. 26 Feb. 2 Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 23 Mar. 2

Project: The projects are due by May 9.

Project 1 Project 2
May 9 May 9

Copying output in command window to .txt file

Saving figure as .pdf file

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