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Berkeley Topology Seminar
Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Location and time
Introductory talk: Wednesdays 2:10pm - 3:00pm in 740 Evans
Research talk: Wednesdays 4:10pm - 5:00pm in 3 Evans
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James Conway
Carolyn Abbott

Titles and abstracts

Spring 2018

*The February 7 meeting will not meet at 4-5, and the research talk will be at 2-3.*
*The April 20 meeting is on Friday, and the 4-5 talk will be in 732 Evans.*
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Jan 17 Ruth Charney (Brandeis) (2pm-3pm) Quasi-isometries: What are they and why do we care?
(4pm-5pm) Boundaries of groups
Jan 24 Michael Landry (Yale) (2pm-3pm) An introduction to fibered 3-manifolds and the Thurston norm
(4pm-5pm) Taut branched surfaces which span fibered faces
Jan 31 Richard Bamler (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Ricci flow with surgery and the classification of 3-manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Classification of diffeomorphism groups of 3-manifolds through Ricci flow
Feb 7 Kei Irie (Kyoto University) (2pm-3pm) Denseness of minimal hypersurfaces for C-generic metrics
Feb 14 Derrick Wigglesworth (Utah) (2pm-3pm) Train tracks for free group automorphisms
(4pm-5pm) Distortion for abelian subgroups of Out(Fn)
Feb 21 Priyam Patel (UCSB) TBA
Feb 28 Ken Bromberg (Utah) TBA
Mar 7 Laura Starkston (Stanford) TBA
Mar 14 Beatrice Pozzetti (University of Heidelberg) TBA
Mar 21 Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA) (2pm-3pm) Intersection homology and perverse sheaves
(4pm-5pm) A sheaf-theoretic model for SL(2,ℂ) Floer homology
Mar 28 No seminar Spring Break
Apr 4 Søren Galatius (Stanford/Copenhagen) TBA
Apr 11 Shea Vela-Vick (LSU) TBA
Apr 20 (Friday) Henry Segerman (Oklahoma State) TBA
Apr 25 Wolfgang Schmaltz (UC Berkeley) TBA

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Aug 30 Carolyn Abbott (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Acylindrically hyperbolic groups
(4pm-5pm) Universal acylindrical actions
Sep 6 Bruno Benedetti (U Miami) (2pm-3pm) Background for research talk
(4pm-5pm) Local constructions of triangulated manifolds
Sep 13 Faramarz Vafaee (Caltech) (2pm-3pm) Dehn surgery, lattice theory, and Heegaard Floer homology
(4pm-5pm) The prism manifold realization problem
Sep 20 Misha Kapovich (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Background for research talk
(4pm-5pm) Discrete isometry groups of higher rank symmetric spaces
Sep 27 Zhengyi Zhou (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Morse-Bott cohomology of flow categories
(4pm-5pm) Morse-Bott cohomology from homological perturbation
Oct 4 Jeremy Kahn (Brown) (2pm-3pm) Hyperbolic three-manifolds and surface subgroups
(4pm-5pm) Nearly geodesic surfaces in cusped hyperbolic manifolds
Oct 11 Alexandru Suciu (Northeastern) (2pm-3pm) A quick introduction to cohomology jump loci
(4pm-5pm) Algebraic models, cohomology jump loci, and finiteness properties
Oct 18 Jeffrey Meier (UGA) (2pm-3pm) Trisections and four-dimensional topology
(4pm-5pm) Bridge trisections, complex curves, and exotic four-manifolds
Oct 25 Antoine Song (Princeton) (2pm-3pm) Heegaard splittings and min-max theory
(4pm-5pm) Local min-max surfaces and existence of minimal Heegaard splittings
Nov 1 Mladen Bestvina (Utah) (2pm-3pm) Background for research talk
(4pm-5pm) Boundary amenability of Out(F_n)
Nov 8 Oleg Lazarev (Columbia) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Weinstein manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Simplifying Weinstein Morse functions
Nov 15 Bahar Acu (Northwestern) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to open book decompositions and Lefschetz fibrations
(4pm-5pm) The Weinstein conjecture for iterated planar contact structures
Nov 29 Eric Samperton (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Computational complexity in geometric topology
(4pm-5pm) Coloring invariants of knots are often intractable
Dec 6 Raphael Zentner (Regensburg) (2pm-3pm) Connections, curvature, holonomy, and instantons
(4pm-5pm) Irreducible SL(2,C)-representations of integer homology 3-spheres

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