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Berkeley Topology Seminar
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Location and time
Introductory talk: Wednesdays 2:10pm - 3:00pm in 736 Evans
Research talk: Wednesdays 4:10pm - 5:00pm in 3 Evans
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James Conway
Carolyn Abbott

Titles and abstracts

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Aug 22 Selman Akbulut (MSU) (4pm-5pm) Where do Seiberg-Witten equations come from?
Aug 29 Inkang Kim (KIAS) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Teichmuller space
(4pm-5pm) Convexity and Plurisubharmonicity of energy functional on Teichmuller space
Sep 5 Semeon Artamonov (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Skein Algebras and Character Varieties
(4pm-5pm) Genus Two Generalization of A1 spherical Double Affine Hecke Algebra
Sep 12 No seminar No seminar
Sep 19 Tarik Aougab (Brown) (2pm-3pm) The curve complex: basic geometric & combinatorial properties
(4pm-5pm) Automorphisms of the k-curve graph
Sep 26 Jeffrey Danciger (UT Austin) (2pm-3pm) Deforming hyperbolic three-manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Exotic real projective Dehn surgery space
Oct 3 Yusuf Barış Kartal (MIT) (2pm-3pm) Background for main talk
(4pm-5pm) Distinguishing fillings using dynamics of Fukaya categories
Oct 10 Sara Venkatesh (IAS) (2pm-3pm) Hamiltonian Floer theory and symplectic cohomology
(4pm-5pm) Symplectic cohomology of subdomains
Oct 17 Chaim Even Zohar (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Random Knots
(4pm-5pm) Random Knots from Petal Diagrams
Oct 24 Beibei Liu (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Introduction of geometric finiteness in hyperbolic space ℍ³
(4pm-5pm) Geometric finiteness in Hadamard manifolds
Oct 31 Francesco Lin (Princeton) (2pm-3pm) Monopole Floer homology and exact triangles
(4pm-5pm) The Seiberg-Witten equations and the length spectrum of hyperbolic three-manifolds
Nov 2 Michael Freedman (Microsoft Research Station Q) (3:10pm-5pm) The algebra and topology of “quantum cellular automata” (qca)
Nov 7 Nathaniel Bottman (IAS/Princeton) (2pm-3pm) Quilts, operads, and the Fukaya category
(4pm-5pm) The symplectic (A,2)-category
Nov 14 Lev Tovstopyat-Nelip (Boston College) (2pm-3pm) Background for research talk
(4pm-5pm) The transverse invariant and braid dynamics
Nov 28 Roger Casals (UC Davis) TBA

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Jan 23 Maria Trnkova (UC Davis) TBA
Jan 30 Vladimir Markovic (Caltech) TBA
Feb 6
Feb 13 Thomas Koberda (UVA) TBA
Feb 20
Feb 27 Jason Manning (Cornell) TBA
Mar 6 Diane Hoffoss (USD) TBA
Mar 13 Ben Filippenko (UC Berkeley) TBA
Mar 20
Mar 27 No seminar Spring break
Apr 3 Xuwen Zhu (UC Berkeley) TBA
Apr 10
Apr 17
Apr 24
May 1