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Berkeley Topology Seminar
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Location and time
Introductory talk: Wednesdays 2:10pm - 3:00pm in 740 Evans
Research talk: Wednesdays 4:10pm - 5:00pm in 3 Evans
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James Conway
Carolyn Abbott

Titles and abstracts

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Jan 23 Maria Trnkova (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Dirichlet domain and its volume
(5pm-6pm) Rigorous computations with an approximate Dirichlet domain
Jan 30 No seminar No seminar
Feb 6 Matthew Stoffregen (MIT) (2pm-3pm) Involutive Heegaard Floer homology
(5pm-6pm) An infinite-rank summand of the homology cobordism group
Feb 13 Thomas Koberda (UVA) (2pm-3pm) Lattices and thin groups
(4pm-5pm) Commensurators of thin subgroups of PSL2(ℤ)
Feb 20 Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell (Uppsala University) (2pm-3pm) Computations of the Chekanov-Eliashberg algebra
(5pm-6pm) Legendrian isotopy from a quantitative viewpoint
Feb 27 Jason Manning (Cornell) (2pm-3pm) Boundaries of hyperbolic and relatively hyperbolic groups
(4pm-5pm) Dehn filling and the boundary of a relatively hyperbolic group
Mar 6 Diane Hoffoss (USD) (2pm-3pm) 3-Manifold Widths
(4pm-5pm) Topological and Geometric Complexity for Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Mar 13 Benjamin Filippenko (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) The evasion path problem and zig-zag persistent homology
(4pm-5pm) Connected components of the space of evasion paths
Mar 20 Matthew Stover (Temple) (2pm-3pm) Building blocks for hyperbolic manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Finiteness of maximal geodesic submanifolds of hyperbolic hybrids
Mar 27 No seminar Spring break
Apr 3 Xuwen Zhu (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Compactification of moduli spaces and point collision
(4pm-5pm) Constant curvature conical metrics
Apr 10 Yi Liu (Peking University, BICMR) (2pm-3pm) Virtual homological eigenvalues of surface automorphisms (Part I)
(4pm-5pm) Virtual homological eigenvalues of surface automorphisms (Part II)
Apr 17 Morgan Weiler (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Surface dynamics via three-dimensional contact geometry
(4pm-5pm) Mean action of periodic orbits of area-preserving annulus diffeomorphisms
Apr 24 Sucharit Sarkar (UCLA) (2pm-3pm) Khovanov homology
(3pm-4pm in 740 Evans) Khovanov homotopy type
May 1 Claudia Scheimbauer (NTNU) (2pm-3pm) Background for main topology talk
(4pm-5pm) A complete model for the cobordism category
May 8 Daniil Rudenko (Chicago) (2pm-3pm) Scissor Congruence and Mixed Tate Motives
(4pm-5pm) Non-Euclidean tetrahedra, mixed Hodge structures and rational elliptic surfaces

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Aug 22 Selman Akbulut (MSU) (4pm-5pm) Where do Seiberg-Witten equations come from?
Aug 29 Inkang Kim (KIAS) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Teichmuller space
(4pm-5pm) Convexity and Plurisubharmonicity of energy functional on Teichmuller space
Sep 5 Semeon Artamonov (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Skein Algebras and Character Varieties
(4pm-5pm) Genus Two Generalization of A1 spherical Double Affine Hecke Algebra
Sep 12 No seminar No seminar
Sep 19 Tarik Aougab (Brown) (2pm-3pm) The curve complex: basic geometric & combinatorial properties
(4pm-5pm) Automorphisms of the k-curve graph
Sep 26 Jeffrey Danciger (UT Austin) (2pm-3pm) Deforming hyperbolic three-manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Exotic real projective Dehn surgery space
Oct 3 Yusuf Barış Kartal (MIT) (2pm-3pm) Background for main talk
(4pm-5pm) Distinguishing fillings using dynamics of Fukaya categories
Oct 10 Sara Venkatesh (IAS) (2pm-3pm) Hamiltonian Floer theory and symplectic cohomology
(4pm-5pm) Symplectic cohomology of subdomains
Oct 17 Chaim Even Zohar (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Random Knots
(4pm-5pm) Random Knots from Petal Diagrams
Oct 24 Beibei Liu (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) Introduction of geometric finiteness in hyperbolic space ℍ³
(4pm-5pm) Geometric finiteness in Hadamard manifolds
Oct 31 Francesco Lin (Princeton) (2pm-3pm) Monopole Floer homology and exact triangles
(4pm-5pm) The Seiberg-Witten equations and the length spectrum of hyperbolic three-manifolds
Nov 2 Michael Freedman (Microsoft Research Station Q) (3:10pm-5pm) The algebra and topology of “quantum cellular automata” (qca)
Nov 7 Nathaniel Bottman (IAS/Princeton) (2pm-3pm) Quilts, operads, and the Fukaya category
(4pm-5pm) The symplectic (A,2)-category
Nov 14 Lev Tovstopyat-Nelip (Boston College) (2pm-3pm) Background for research talk
(4pm-5pm) The transverse invariant and braid dynamics
Nov 28 Roger Casals (UC Davis) (2pm-3pm) An introduction to Legendrian and contact submanifolds
(4pm-5pm) Rigidity for contact submanifolds in the higher dimension