Spring 2018 GRASP Seminar

This is the website for the GRASP (Geometry, Representation Theory, And Some Physics) student seminar.

The seminar meets from 2-3 PM on Tuesdays in 939 Evans.

For questions, or if you'd like to give a talk or be added to the mailing list, contact Calvin via email at cmcs, with domain math.berkeley.edu.

This semester, GRASP is focusing on the Poisson geometry of Lie groups and connections with cluster algebras and with integrable systems.


23 January
Introduction to Poisson-Lie groups and quantum groups
German Stefanich
30 January
Poisson manifolds and their symplectic leaf decompositions
Aaron Brookner
Slides for the talk
6 February
Bruhat decomposition of (Poisson)-Lie groups
Alex Sherman
13 February
More on Bruhat decomposition and examples
Alex Sherman
20 February
Introduction to cluster X-varieties
Mario Sanchez
Room change: We will instead meet in 732 Evans.
27 February
Interactive Yang-Baxter equation and classical solution classification
Aaron Brookner
Slides for the talk
6 March
Overview of cluster algebras with examples
Melissa Sherman-Bennett
13 March
No talk
20 March
Cluster X-varieties and Poisson-Lie groups
Calvin McPhail-Snyder
27 March
No talk
Spring break
3 April
Introduction to integrable systems
David Keating
More to come!


A by no means comprehensive list of references. More will be added as the semester progresses.