Student 3-manifold seminar, Spring 2023

Meeting time: M 2-3pm @ 891 Evans

Organizers: Chi Cheuk Tsang and Eduardo Reyes

Date Speaker and title
23 Jan 2023 Nancy Eagles; Introduction to Heegaard Floer Homology: motivation and construction
30 Jan 2023 Nancy Eagles; Introduction to Heegaard Floer Homology: justification and applications
6 Feb 2023 Qiuyu Ren; Introduction to Kirby calculus
13 Feb 2023 Qiuyu Ren; Applications of Kirby calculus
27 Feb 2023 Larsen Linov; Intro to Vassiliev Invariants
6 Mar 2023 Hyeonhee Jin (MPI); Extremely rough outline of embedding calculus
13 Mar 2023 Ethan Dlugie; Links of plane curve singularities
20 Mar 2023 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Almost equivalence of algebraic Anosov flows
3 Apr 2023 Eduardo Reyes; The Virtual Haken Theorem
10 Apr 2023 Nancy Eagles; The Conway knot is not slice
17 Apr 2023
24 Apr 2023
1 May 2023

Past semesters

Fall 2022

Date Speaker and title
2 Sept 2022 Eduardo Oregon Reyes; Functionals on the space of geodesic currents
9 Sept 2022 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Laminar branched surfaces
23 Sept 2022 Larsen Linov; Dehn's lemma
30 Sept 2022 Ethan Dlugie; Linearity of braid groups
7 Oct 2022 Audrey Rosevear; Characterizations of Tautness, Old and New
14 Oct 2022 Audrey Rosevear; Consequences of Tautness, Old and New
28 Oct 2022 Audrey Rosevear; Tautness and The Machine
4 Nov 2022 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Taut foliations of 3-manifolds with Heegaard genus two

Spring 2022

Date Speaker and title
4 Feb 2022 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Geometric triangulations and angle structures
11 Feb 2022 Eduardo Oregon Reyes; R-trees and compactifications of spaces of representations
4 Mar 2022 Qiuyu Ren; The strong Whitney embedding theorem
11 Mar 2022 Lily Li; Volume Bounds for 3 Manifolds via Decomposition
18 Mar 2022 Larsen Linov; Rational Tangles
22 Apr 2022 Eduardo Oregon Reyes; Quasi-isometric rigidity of uniform lattices in hyperbolic spaces
29 Apr 2022 Ethan Dlugie; Jorgensen's Inequality and the Mandelbrot Set

Fall 2021

Date Speaker and title
14 Sept 2021 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Intro to foliations
21 Sept 2021 Eduardo Oregon Reyes; Hyperbolic 5-manifolds fibering over S^1
28 Sept 2021 Larsen Linov; The Flow and Yamada Polynomials
5 Oct 2021 Ethan Dlugie; Perspectives on Braid Groups
19 Oct 2021 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Intro to foliations II
26 Oct 2021 Eduardo Oregon Reyes; L^2 Invariants
2 Nov 2021 Ethan Dlugie; The Cord Criterion for Fibered Knots
9 Nov 2021 Larsen Linov; Intro to Virtual Knots
16 Nov 2021 James Dix; Sutured Manifolds and Whitehead's Algorithm
23 Nov 2021 Nic Brody; The Margulis-Zimmer Conjecture
30 Nov 2021 Chi Cheuk Tsang; Cannon-Thurston's sphere filling curves