Figures from drafts of papers

The way I create the figures in my papers is by first drawing them by hand on paper/Krita, then tracing them out in Inkscape at a later stage.

However, I find that the hand-drawn figures have more charm to them, so here is a selected collection of them, so that they are not lost forever.

See also random research sketches.

All figures from "On the set of normalized dilatations of fully punctured pseudo-Anosov maps" are drawn directly from Inkscape!

From drafts of "Endperiodic maps, splitting sequences, and branched surfaces" with Michael Landry.

(Michael drew most of the figures in the paper.)

All figures from "Standardly embedded train tracks and pseudo-Anosov maps with minimum expansion factor" are drawn directly from Inkscape!

From drafts of "Constructing Birkhoff sections for pseudo-Anosov flows with controlled complexity".

From drafts of "Veering branched surfaces, surgeries, and geodesic flows"

From drafts of "Dynamics of veering triangulations: infinitesimal components of their flow graphs and applications".