Chi Cheuk Tsang

Office: 1087 Evans
E-mail: chicheuk at

I am a fourth year PhD student in the UC Berkeley math department. I am interested in low-dimensional topology. More specifically, I like thinking about 3-manifolds, their geometry, and flows and foliations on them. Recently, I've been working on a few projects about veering triangulations, pseudo-Anosov flows, and dilatation factors of pseudo-Anosov maps.

My advisor is Ian Agol.

I received my BSc in mathematics from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018.

I am coorganizing the student 3-manifold seminar with Eduardo Oregon Reyes in Spring 2022.

Here is my CV



  1. Michael Landry and Chi Cheuk Tsang; "Endperiodic maps, splitting sequences, and branched surfaces", In preparation
  2. Chi Cheuk Tsang; "Constructing Birkhoff sections for pseudo-Anosov flows with controlled complexity", Preprint (2022). arXiv:2206.09586
  3. Chi Cheuk Tsang; "Veering branched surfaces, surgeries, and geodesic flows", Preprint (2022). arXiv:2203.02874
  4. Ian Agol and Chi Cheuk Tsang; "Dynamics of veering triangulations: infinitesimal components of their flow graphs and applications", Preprint (2022). arXiv:2201.02706
  5. Ki Fung Chan, Spiro Karigiannis, and Chi Cheuk Tsang; "The LB-cohomology on compact torsion-free G2 manifolds and an application to "almost" formality"; Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 55 (2019), 325-369. DOI:
  6. Ki Fung Chan, Spiro Karigiannis, and Chi Cheuk Tsang; "Cohomologies on almost complex manifolds and the ∂-lemma"; Asian Journal of Mathematics 23 (2019), 561-584. DOI:

Notes for selected talks:

A postcard I made for NCNGT 2021.

Some useful resources if you have similar research interests as me:

Some figures from drafts of papers

Other random math sketches

Qual resources

The syllabus and transcript for my qualifying exam.

I worked through some textbook exercises when preparing for my quals. Here are some hand-written solutions to problems I found interesting. The first page of each pdf records which questions are included. Disclaimer: I do not guarantee correctness of the solutions.