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The photo to the left was taken in Jiufen [九份], a mountain town in Taiwan [台灣]. It was the setting for Hou Hsiao-Hsien's film A City of Sadness [悲情城市] and also served as inspiration for the spirit town in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

The photo to the right was taken in Tainan [台南], Taiwan in a cafe called 存憶.

Hi. I'm Harrison Chen [陳奕元], a graduate student of mathematics at UC Berkeley. I grew up in Chelmsford, MA, graduated from Chelmsford High School and completed my undergraduate education at MIT in 2011. My advisor is David Nadler. Next year, I will be starting a postdoc at Cornell.

I am interested in interactions between derived algebraic geometry and representation theory. I have spent some time thinking about: cyclic homology, derived loop spaces, D-modules, Deligne-Langlands, affine Hecke algebras, affine character sheaves, Springer theory, matrix factorizations, and mixed (pure, Tate) Hodge structures.

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I took this picture shortly after the most memorable moment I experienced on a mountain. We woke before dawn to climb a Lassen Peak shrouded in fog; climbing into the fog with no visibility, we knew only to follow the slope of the ridge. At some point I turned back and noticed that below me the fog had cleared, revealing a layer of clouds and the landscape below. I was so excited that I let out a rare whoop. When I looked up the slope, I saw the fog was clearing above me as well.