Chris Gerig

5th year PhD candidate

e-mail: cgerig (at) berkeley (dot) edu
Office: some random café

Curriculum Vitae


I am thinking about cobordism maps in Embedded Contact Homology by counting (possibly branched covers of) pseudoholomorphic curves, with a related interest in gauge theory (Seiberg-Witten invariants) and near-symplectic geometry.
My adviser is Michael Hutchings.


Some Notes



As an undergraduate I majored in Applied & Engineering Physics at Cornell, while doing research in low-temperature experimental physics. Here is my honors thesis, Investigation of the Breakdown of Newtonian Gravity at Submicron Length-Scales, under my physics mentor Seamus Davis.

I entered the PhD Physics program at UC Berkeley for one year, before quitting to join their math department. I worked under Dan Stamper-Kurn for a few months as a graduate student, with the intent of using cold atoms to study cQED (cavity quantum electrodynamics). I began by designing/building a laser to use in the lab and writing a documentation, Grating-Stabilized 1064nm Diode Laser, so that future students can easily build more.

For a while I ran the Graduate Social Club at UC Berkeley (a project under the graduate government), in which I hosted awesome social events for the campus-wide graduate community. This is not only to give us an outlet to relax from our studies, but to give us the opportunity to meet others outside of our own department!