Spring 2016: Math 53 Discussion sections 207 and 209

GSI: Catherine Cannizzo (cannizzo at math dot berkeley dot edu)
Office: Evans 1056
Office hours: Tuesdays 1 – 2:30pm, Fridays 4:30 – 6pm
Course webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~auroux/53s16


(1/16) The week of January 25, I will have office hours 9 - 10am on Wednesday Jan 27 and 4 - 6pm on Thursday Jan 28. The next week onwards office hours will be at the usual times.
(3/6) There will be no quiz on Monday March 7 because there is not enough new material since the midterm. Next quiz will be March 14.
(3/30) From now on office hours are changed slightly to Tuesday 1-2:30pm and Friday 4:30pm-6pm.
(4/26) Office hours today are changed to 3-3:30pm.
(4/27) Office hours this week are moved from Friday to Thursday at the same time of 4:30-6pm, so you can ask questions about the HW before it's due on Friday.
(4/28) RRR week and finals week: Monday and Wednesday I will have review sessions at the usual time and place section is held (11-12 in 247 Cory, 1-2pm 81 Evans). Friday at the usual time and place of section I will hold office hours. Office hours during the week are the same: Tuesday 1-2:30pm and Friday 4:30-6pm in my office Evans 1056. Tuesday of finals week, the day before the final, I will hold office hours 1-3pm in Evans 732.
(5/1) I've posted review materal in "Exam Review" below.
(5/10) I've posted solutions to the final review problems, below.


Section syllabus

Parametric Curves
Tangents to and self-intersections of parametric curves
Lengths, areas, polar coordinates
More with polar coordinates: sketching, areas, intersections
Vectors, dot product
Dot product, cross product
Cross product and its applications
Intersections of lines and planes
Parametric curves in 3D, derivatives
More parametric curves and derivatives (edit: solution to spaceship problem clarified)
Contour plots, graphs of functions in two variables (edit to last paragraph)
Limits, partial derivatives, linear approximation
Linear approximation, multivariable chain rule
More chain rule, gradient
Directional derivative
Max/min problems

Least-squares calculation
Lagrange multipliers
Double integrals
Double integrals in polars
Applications of double integrals
Change of variables in double integrals
Triple integrals in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates
Applications of triple integrals
Triple integrals in spherical coordinates (edit: added last problem done in section)
Vector fields, line integrals of a scalar function
Line integrals of a vector-valued function
Conservative vector fields and fundamental theorem of line integrals
Green's theorem
Curl, divergence, flux
Surface area
Flux through surfaces
Divergence theorem and flux
Stokes theorem

Exam review

Sections to study for quizzes

Review sheet for Midterm 1
Review questions for Midterm 1 (edit to answer 14)
Review questions for Midterm 2
Review sheet for Final
Review questions for Final (edit to answer 9 from second page)
Solutions to final review sheet
Past 53 exams here and here.

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