Catherine Cannizzo

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
743 Evans Hall
Email: cannizzo at math dot berkeley dot edu

I am a fifth year PhD student. My advisor is Professor Denis Auroux. My interests lie in symplectic geometry, specifically mirror symmetry.

Applications are now open for Kylerec 2018 and are due April 14. I am a co-organizer for this workshop, happening May 25-31, 2018 in Leavenworth, Washington State.


Here is my qualifying exam syllabus and CV.

In Fall 2016 I co-organized the Student Symplectic Field Theory Seminar with Morgan Weiler, Benjamin Gammage, and Jeff Hicks.

Talk in Seminar on Mirror Symmetry, Spring 2016 on SYZ for hypersurfaces in toric varieties.

Talk in Seminar on Mirror Symmetry, Fall 2015 on The Fukaya category and mirror of the genus 2 curve.

Teaching and Mentoring



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