Berkeley Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
Spring 2020

This is a weekly RTG seminar funded by NSF and organized by Daniel Bragg, David Corwin, Martin Olsson, and Sug Woo Shin. This webpage is maintained by Daniel Bragg.

As of March 16, the in person meetings of the seminar are suspended.
For the remainder of the semester, the seminar will be held virtually, using Zoom.

Virtual seminar format

The virtual seminar will take place at 3:10-5:00 on Mondays using Zoom. A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to the mailing list prior to the seminar.

As usual, the virtual seminar will consist of two 50-minute talks: a pre-talk (3:10-4:00) and an advanced talk (4:10-5:00), with a 10-minute break (4:00-4:10) between them. The advanced talk is a regular formal presentation about recent research results to general audiences in arithmetic geometry and number theory; the pre-talk (3:10-4:00) is to introduce some prerequisites or background for the advanced talk to audiences consisting of graduate students.

Spring 2020 virtual seminar schedule (3:10-5:00pm Monday, Zoom)

Titles and abstracts may appear first on the math department calendar.

Date Speaker Topic
March 16 Romyar Sharifi (UCLA) Eisenstein cocycles in motivic cohomology (abstract)
April 6 Rahul Dalal (UC Berkeley) Statistics of Automorphic Representations through the Stable Trace Formula (abstract)
April 13 Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins (UC Berkeley) Projective Geometry for Perfectoid Spaces (abstract)
April 20 Max Lieblich (University of Washington) Topological reconstruction theorems for varieties (abstract)
May 4 Alexander Bertoloni Meli (UC Berkeley) A Characterization of the Local Langlands Correspondence (abstract)

Spring 2020 Schedule (3:10-5:00pm Monday, 740 Evans) (SUSPENDED)

Titles and abstracts may appear first on the math department calendar.

Date Speaker Topic
January 27 Daniel Kriz (MIT) Supersingular main conjectures, Sylvester's conjecture and Goldfeld's conjecture (abstract)
Room change: today's seminar will be in Evans 891
February 3 Sebastian Herrero (PUCV) On the distribution of Hecke correspondences and CM points (abstract)
February 10 Alexander Smith (Harvard) 8-class ranks of imaginary quadratic fields (abstract)
February 24 Vishal Arul (MIT) Torsion points on the Catalan curve yn=xd+1 (abstract)
March 2 Anthony Várilly-Alvarado (Rice) Vojta’s conjecture and uniform boundedness of full-level structures on abelian varieties over number fields (abstract)
March 9 Maksym Radziwill (Caltech) Non-vanishing of twists of GL(4) L-functions (abstract)
March 16 Romyar Sharifi (UCLA) title (abstract)
March 30 Karl Rubin (UC Irvine) title (abstract)
April 6 Jingwei Xiao (IAS) title (abstract)
April 13 Ignacio Barros (Northeastern) title (abstract)
April 20 Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins (UC Berkeley) title (abstract)
April 27 No seminar
May 4 Lucia Mocz (University of Chicago) title (abstract)