Berkeley Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
Fall 2019

This is a weekly RTG seminar funded by NSF and organized by Daniel Bragg, David Corwin, Martin Olsson, and Sug Woo Shin. This webpage is maintained by Daniel Bragg.


The seminar is scheduled at 3:10-5:00 every Monday in 740 Evans. It consists of two 50-minute talks: a pre-talk (3:10-4:00) and an advanced talk (4:10-5:00), with a 10-minute break (4:00-4:10) between them. The advanced talk is a regular formal presentation about recent research results to general audiences in arithmetic geometry and number theory; the pre-talk (3:10-4:00) is to introduce some prerequisites or background for the advanced talk to audiences consisting of graduate students.

Fall 2019 Schedule (3:10-5:00pm Monday, 740 Evans)

Titles and abstracts may appear first on the math department calendar.

Date Speaker Topic
August 28 (Wednesday) David Zureick-Brown (Emory) (abstract)
September 9 Sebastian Eterovic (Berkeley) Solutions of equations involving the modular j function (abstract)
September 16 Melanie Matchett Wood (Berkeley) Distributions of unramified extensions of global fields (abstract)
September 23 Florian Sprung (Arizona State) How does the rank of an elliptic curve grow in towers of number fields? (abstract)
September 30 Will Sawin (Columbia) The sup-norm problem for modular forms over function fields and geometry (abstract)
October 7 Alexandra Florea (Columbia) Moments of cubic L-functions over function fields (abstract)
October 14 Yihang Zhu (Columbia) Irreducible components of Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties (abstract)
October 21 Martin Speirs (Berkeley) The K-theory of truncated polynomial algebras and coordinate axes (abstract)
October 28 Junho Peter Whang (MIT) Diophantine analysis on moduli of local systems (abstract)
November 4 Chao Li (Columbia) On the Kudla-Rapoport conjecture (abstract)
November 18 Ziquan Yang (Harvard) A Crystalline Torelli Theorem for Supersingular Varieties of K3^[n] type (abstract)
November 25 Dmitrii Pirozhkov (Columbia) Semiorthogonal decompositions for projective plane (abstract)
December 2 Lillian Pierce (Duke) Burgess methods in new settings (abstract)
December 9 Preston Wake (IAS) Tame derivatives and the Eisenstein ideal (abstract)

Spring 2020 Schedule (3:10-5:00pm Monday, 740 Evans)

Titles and abstracts may appear first on the math department calendar.

Date Speaker Topic
January 27 Daniel Kriz (MIT) Supersingular main conjectures, Sylvester's conjecture and Goldfeld's conjecture (abstract)
Febraury 3 Sebastian Herrero (PUCV) title (abstract)
Febraury 10 speaker (location) title (abstract)
Febraury 24 speaker (location) title (abstract)
March 2 Anthony Várilly-Alvarado (Rice) title (abstract)
March 9 speaker (location) title (abstract)
March 16 speaker (location) title (abstract)
March 30 Karl Rubin (UC Irvine) title (abstract)
April 6 Jingwei Xiao (IAS) title (abstract)
April 13 speaker (location) title (abstract)
April 20 speaker (location) title (abstract)
April 27 speaker (location) title (abstract)
May 4 Lucia Mocz (University of Chicago) title (abstract)