Patrick Barrow

PhD candidate in Mathematics, UC Berkeley

Office: 745 Evans
Hours: Tuesday 2-4, Wednesday 10-12, 1-2
Email address: my first name DOT my last name AT gmail DOT com

Math H110/191

This semester I am the GSI for Prof. Coleman's courses on linear algebra (H110) and p-adic analysis (191). As the semester progresses, I will post some info here (mainly HW assignments). Your main online resources are bSpace and the professor's sites, where you can find .pdf's of the daily lecture notes.

Linear Algebra

Current HW due 3/12: Ch. 6: 30-32

Midterm 3/19, see above for different office hours

Take Home Quiz due 3/8: check work from Friday's lecture

HW due 3/5 moved to 3/8

Current Reading Assignment: through p. 132

P-Adic Analysis

Current HW and Reading: lecture 13, lecture 14

Amazon link to text (can view 1st chapter) (you can also get a free Kindle sample on a PC or smartphone)

How do I find more notes on p-adic arithmetic?

Research Interests

My two primary areas of interest are in noncommutative geometry, pioneered by Alain Connes, and in chainlet geometry, pioneered by my advisor, Jenny Harrison. Vaguely speaking, I aspire to use these "modern" theories to derive new "traditional" results.

Past Courses

MA300 Fall 2008

MA185 Summer 2008

Undergraduate Seminar in Advanced Linear Algebra Spring 2008

Student Noncommutative Geometry Fall 2007

MA110 Summer 2007

MA74 Spring 2007

MA74 Fall 2006

MA104 Summer 2006

Prelim Workshop Summer 2006

Some NCG Links

NCG resource site, under construction

NCG Blog

Alain Connes' website