About Me

I'm a graduate student in mathematics at UC Berkeley working with Olga Holtz. My research is in matroid theory, discrete geometry, algebraic combinatorics, and algorithmic applications.

Aside from my professional interests, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, endurance running, playing the saxophone, and experimenting with my DSLR. When there's time, I also like to write software. The main banner of this page, for instance, is an actively executing simulation of the probabilistic Voter Model that I wrote while exploring the system and its variants.

I also am an advocate of free and accessible information on the web, including open source software, open access publication, and copyleft licensing. Ask me about SageMath!

Contact Information

Office: 935 Evans Hall
Postal Address:

Bryan Gillespie
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA, 94720-3840