About Me

I'm currently a sixth year graduate student in mathematics at UC Berkeley, advised by Olga Holtz. Since I was growing up I have had a strong interest in both mathematics and computer science, so I decided early in school that I would pursue both and see what lies at the intersection. I earned dual degrees in math and computer science for my undergraduate, and as a math grad student, coding and algorithm design are integrally useful in furthering my research.

Aside from my professional interests, I am an avid endurance runner, a skilled saxophonist, and an amateur photographer. When I want to take a break from mathematics research, I also often turn to coding projects, and this has resulted in at least a few pieces of software that I am happy to share. The main banner of this page, for instance, is an actively executing simulation of the probabilistic Voter Model that I wrote while I was exploring the system and its variants a few years ago.

I also consider myself an advocate of free and accessible information on the web, including open source software, open access publication, and copyleft licensing. If you have thoughts or questions, or if you just want to strike up a conversation, I invite you to send a friendly email my way.

Academic Interests

My current research focus is in algebra and matroid theory, with particular interest in computational algorithms related to my work. I also am intrigued by the theory and burgeoning applications of modern machine learning.

Contact Information

Office: 941 Evans Hall
Postal Address:

Bryan Gillespie
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA, 94720-3840