Asides from math(s), I enjoy literature: particularly the poetry and novels of of Russian and continental authors (Yevtushenko, Hesse, and Camus are fairly representative) as well as British poetry of the 1930s (the Macspaunday group especially) and the post-imagist work of Pound, Eliot, and Huxley.

Four collections of my own poetry:

  • The Caldera (includes some early attempts and so is probably not the best place to start),

  • Under a Crest (probably the best place to start),

  • Waterline (also hopefully more consistently readable),

  • The canonical horizon (ongoing collection; check back for updates!)

    I have just started attending The Ark in Berkeley and am enjoying getting to know it! As you will see, it also has the best website of the churches I've been to. I was a regular attendee of Jubilee Church Coventry while at Warwick, which is a welcoming community of supportive believers who have blessed, encouraged and grown me. While in London during the summer of 2014 I attended Emmanuel Church London. While in Nagoya for the summer of 2016, I attended GraceCity church, which I found to be an enormously fun bilingual church. As a child and young adult I was a member of North Devon Vineyard church.

    On Warwick campus, I organised a branch of the literary charity Book-Cycle: the central principle of which is that you pay whatever you wish for up to three books per day. Our emphasis was hence on prioritising access to literature both through the funds we raise and in the actual act of fundraising. The funds are deployed by the charity both locally in the UK and in areas of West Africa to plant trees and improve the standard of education and availability of literature in each region. It has happily lasted well beyond my time at Warwick.

    I was a student at the Park Community School in Barnstaple, Devon. In winter 2015, alumni were asked to write something "inspirational" so I gave it a try.

    Recommended literature: my favourites include...

  • From France: any Albert Camus (especially The Fall, The Plague, The Exile and the Kingdom); Sartre's Roads to Freedom trilogy and Nausea

  • From Russia: The Master and Margherita, M. Bulgakov; any of Yegeny Yevtushenko's or Bella Akhmadulina's verse; Tolstoy's shorter works such as the sequence Childhood, Boyhood, Youth (to anyone who finishes this, I read the final chapter the night before my manifolds exam and was amusingly unreassured)

  • From the classical world: The Frogs, Aristophanes; Ajax, Sophocles; The Last Days of Socrates, Plato.

    A selection of wonderful people I know with nice websites:

  • Adrian

  • Alex

  • Calvin

  • Clara (coming soon!)

  • Enrico

  • Navina

  • Seung-Jo

  • Tom

  • Valentin

    Disclaimer: This is intended to be a list of people that I have diverged from geographically and hence omits the many brilliant Berkeley people I know and am getting to know. Ordering is alphabetical.

    Video of me giving a presentation (essentially my actual teaching approach accelerated several times) during the Math 375 teaching seminar at UC Berkeley (Fall 2015). Thanks to cameraman Peyam.

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    Oh, the altar of love
    To its form we are blind
    But you know when it's there
    Like the sun through shut eyes
    - Downhere.