Talks and conferences


  • G-Hilb for trihedral groups, COW Introductory school for algebraic geometry (Uni. of Warwick, September 2013) (slides)

  • Category theory: basics, WMS talk given with Alex Best (Uni. of Warwick, November 2013) (notes)

  • Moduli problems and toric geometry, WMS talk (Uni. of Warwick, January 2014) (poster, notes)

  • G-Hilb for trihedral groups (II), Nagoya-Warwick workshop on the geometry of orbifolds, McKay correspondence, and representation theory (Uni. of Warwick, February 2014) (slides)

  • Moduli problems, Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today (Uni. of Surrey, February 2014) (abstract)

  • Hyperbolic angel problem, WMS discussion group jointly led with Alex Best (Uni. of Warwick, February 2014) (notes)

  • The ubiquity of Dynkin diagrams, WMS talk and at Sussex postgraduate conference (notes for Uni. of Warwick, June 2014; abbreviated notes for Uni. of Sussex, July 2014).

  • Hilbert functions of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces, Imperial algebraic geometry seminar (Imperial College London, July 2014) (notes)

  • Reconstruction of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces from Hilbert series, Imperial algebraic geometry seminar (Imperial College London, August 2014)

  • The ubiquity of Dynkin diagrams (+ introduction to moduli spaces), Imperial undergraduate colloquium (Imperial College London, October 2014) (notes)

  • Fables of residual singularities, derived categories symposium seminar (Uni. of Warwick, October 2014) (notes)

  • Mirror symmetry through toric geometry, WIMP autumn meeting 2014 (Uni. of Warwick, November 2014) (notes)

  • Clusters, boats, and parallelograms, MA613 McKay correspondence guest lecture (Uni. of Warwick, January 2015) (notes)

  • Stacks via toric geometry, WMS talk (Uni. of Warwick, January 2015) (notes)

  • The Serre-Swan theorem, WMS talk (Uni. of Warwick, January 2015) (notes)

  • Toric varieties and stacks, Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today (Uni. of York, February 2015) (notes)

  • An algebraic combinatorics primer, Imperial undergraduate colloquium (Imperial College London, June 2015) (notes)

  • Monomial ideals, Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry seminar (UC Berkeley, September 2015) (notes, handout)

  • A hodgepodge of Hodge structures, Shimura varieties seminar (UC Berkeley, September 2015) (notes)

  • The geometry of cluster algebras I, SAGS (UC Berkeley, October 2015)

  • Some highlights of homology, Math 215A guest lecture (UC Berkeley, October 2015) (notes)

  • The geometry of cluster algebras II, SAGS (UC Berkeley, October 2015) (notes)

  • Hilbert series of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces, Berkeley-Tokyo winter school on geometry, topology, and representation theory (UC Berkeley, February 2016) (notes)

  • Incarnations of the MMP, SAGS (UC Berkeley, February 2016) (notes)

  • Groups, actions, and Chow groups, Intersection theory seminar (UC Berkeley, March 2016) (notes)

  • The toric ansatz, SAGS (UC Berkeley, March 2016) (notes)

  • Some thoughts on nonabelian McKay, Student algebraic geometry seminar (Nagoya Uni., June 2016)

  • Singularities from mirror symmetry, Algebraic geometry seminar (Nagoya Uni., June 2016) (notes)

  • Studio G-Hilb, SAGS (UC Berkeley, September 2016) (notes)

  • The geometry of continued fractions, Women in Math and SAGS (UC Berkeley, November 2016 and January 2017) (WIM notes, SAGS notes )

  • Canonical curves, CASS (UC Berkeley, November 2016) (notes

  • A mathematician is a storyteller, guest speaker (AIMS, February 2017) (notes)

  • A surprisingly combinatorial Hodge theory primer, TACOS seminar (UC Berkeley, February 2017) (notes)

  • The ubiquity of Dynkin diagrams, MUSA Math Mondays (UC Berkeley, March 2017) (notes).

    Poster presentations:

  • Equivariant geometry and the McKay correspondence in low dimensions, URSS showcase (Uni. of Warwick, October 2013) (poster)

  • Hilbert series of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces, BrAG (Uni. of Edinburgh, April 2016) (poster)

  • G-Hilb for trihedral groups, Noncommutative crepant resolutions, Ulrich modules, and generalisations of the McKay correspondence (RIMS, June 2016) (poster).

    Current involvement:

    You can expect to see me at...

  • SAGS

  • CAAG

  • Intersection theory seminar

  • Other UCB seminars such as combinatorics, mirror symmetry, arithmetic geometry, symplectic geometry,....


    I am the founder and ex-Warwick organiser of an undergraduate/masters'/early PhD level conference series held jointly between Warwick and IMPerial. The first local organiser for Imperial was Edwin Kutas. We have now both been succeeded as WIMP lives on! The premise is that WIMP will cultivate a research conference-esque environment encouraging dissemination of both original and well-studied ideas and, above all, appreciation of compelling mathematics at the higher undergraduate level.

  • Autumn 2014: Saturday November 29th at Warwick. The event webpage is here and a programme is available. Thanks to all who contributed.

  • Spring 2015: The second WIMP meeting was held at Imperial on Saturday 7th March.

    This is not a conference concerning WIMPs or WIMP.

    Warwick Maths Society Talks (2013-14)

    Autumn Term: All talks in B1.01 (Zeeman) at 18:00 on Tuesdays.

    Week 3- Second year essay ensemble

    Week 4- Optimal form, Mario Micallef

    Week 5- The Calculus of variations: introduction and an open problem, Christoph Ortner

    Week 6- Category Theory I: Basics, Alex Best and Ben Wormleighton (notes above)

    Week 7- Category Theory II: Homotopy theory, John Jones (video)

    Week 8- Category Theory III: Topological quantum field theories, Nicholas Jackson (slides)

    Week 9- Category Theory IV: Classifying space of a category, Simon Markett

    Week 10- Random graphs and electrical networks, Dan Allford and Calvin Khor (handout)

    Spring Term: All talks in MS.04 at 18:00 on Tuesdays. Term begins on January 6th.

    Week 1- Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today Prelim: Bernoulli factory via Markov chains, Alex Wendland

    Week 2- Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today Prelim: Moduli problems, Ben Wormleighton (notes above)

    Week 3- The Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, Alex Bartel

    Week 4- Geometrization in low dimensions, Saul Schleimer

    Week 5- Riemann hypotheses, Alex Best (slides)

    Week 6- The Poincare conjecture, Nicholas Jackson (slides)

    Week 7- Discussion group: Hyperbolic angel problem (notes above)

    Week 8- A beginner's guide to unprojections, Michael Selig (Tom and Jerry)

    Week 9- Ergodic theory, Ian Melbourne

    Week 10- Nets and filters, Calvin Khor

    Thank you to all who contributed (by speaking, organising, or simply attending) to a wonderful year of talks.

    Facing west from California's shores,
    Inquiring, tireless, seeking what is yet unfound...
    - Facing West from California's Shores, Walt Whitman.