Institute for Geometry and Physics

Collaboration in Geometry & Physics in the Americas

Conference on Homological Mirror Symmetry – January 27-February 1, 2014

Organizers: Denis Auroux, Ludmil Katzarkov, Maxim Kontsevich, Elizabeth Gasparim, Ernesto Lupercio, Tony Pantev

This event will be held at the University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida).

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General information

The workshop will start on Monday morning (January 27) and will end on Saturday (February 1) mid-day. There will be three mini-courses of three lectures each, individual research talks, as well as time for informal discussions.

The workshop is partially supported by the NSF FRG ``Wall-crossings in Geometry and Physics'' (grants DMS-1265228, 1265196, 1264662, 1265230, 1262531).

Talks: The conference will be held in the University Center, Flamingo Ballroom C & D (2nd Floor). See the campus map for directions (the arrows show the path from the hotel); there's also a newer campus map.

Accommodation: Most participants will be staying at the Holiday Inn Coral Gables/University of Miami, located right next to the University of Miami campus. The hotel address is: 1350 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables FL 33146; phone: 1-305-667-5611.

Airport: Miami International Airport is about 7 miles from campus. The most convenient way to reach the hotel or the campus is to take a taxi. Invited participants: When booking flights, please keep in mind NSF and University of Miami rules. Only US-based airlines are permitted (more specifically your plane ticket mush be issued by a US air carrier and show US carrier flight numbers). Please keep all your original boarding passes since they will be needed for reimbursement.


Monday January 27

9:30-10:30:Kontsevich I
11:00-12:00:  Auroux
Lunch break
2:00-3:00:Neitzke I

Tuesday January 28

9:30-10:30:Joyce I
11:00-12:00:  Kontsevich II
Lunch break

Wednesday January 29

9:00-10:00:Neitzke II
10:15-11:15:Joyce II
11:45-12:45:  Kuznetsov
Free afternoon

Thursday January 30

9:30-10:30:Neitzke III
11:00-12:00:  Goncharov
Lunch break

Friday January 31

10:45-11:45:  Georgieva
Lunch break

Saturday February 1

9:00-10:00:Joyce III
10:15-11:15:  Dimitrov

Titles and abstracts:


Research talks:

List of participants

Mohammed Abouzaid
Hülya Argüz
Denis Auroux
Matthew Ballard
Lisa Bauer
Enrique Becerra
Netanel Blaier
Anthony Blanc
Nate Bottman
Paul Bressler
Patrick Clarke
Alexander Cruz Morales
Dragos Deliu
Colin Diemer
George Dimitrov
Philippe Durand
Alexander Efimov
Bohan Fang
Kuan-Ying Fang
David Favero
Sergey Galkin
Sheel Ganatra
Alberto Garcia Raboso
Elizabeth Gasparim
Penka Georgieva
Alexander Goncharov
Fabian Haiden
Daniel Halpern-Leistner
Andrew Harder
R. Paul Horja
Nathan Ilten
Umut Isik
David Jackson-Hanen
Xin Jin
Dominic Joyce
Dmitry Kaledin
Mikhail Kapranov
Ilya Karzhemanov
Alexander Kasprzyk
Ailsa Keating
Gabriel Kerr
Maxim Kontsevich
Oleksandr Kravets
Alexander Kuznetsov

Heather Lee
Yanki Lekili
Carsten Liese
Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
Valery Lunts
Ernesto Lupercio
Michael McBreen
Jacob Mostovoy
Michael Movshev
Andy Neitzke
Thomas Nevins
Alexander Noll
Yong-Geun Oh
Dmitri Orlov
Ignacio Otero
Pranav Pandit
Tony Pantev
Soo Ree Park
James Pascaleff
Victor Przyjalkowski
Larry Richardson
Helge Ruddat
Dmitry Sakovich
Emanuel Scheidegger
Nick Sheridan
Artan Sheshmani
Bernd Siebert
Alexander Soibelman
Yan Soibelman
Zack Sylvan
Renato Vianna
Yiannis Vlassopoulos
Zhituo Wang
Miguel A. Xicotencatl
Tony Yue Yu
Jie Zhao
Ilia Zharkov