Institute for Geometry and Physics Miami-Cinvestav-Campinas
Opening Conference — Miami, January 2012

Conference on Homological Mirror Symmetry – January 23-27, 2012
Conference dedicated to Fedor Bogomolov's 65th birthday – January 28-29, 2012

Organizers: Ludmil Katzarkov, Maxim Kontsevich, Elizabeth Gasparim, Isidoro Gitler, Ernesto Lupercio

These two events will be held at the University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida), and will be followed a conference in Mexico during the first week of February 2012.

Venue information

Talks: The conference will be held in the University Center, Flamingo Ballroom C & D (2nd Floor). See the campus map for directions (the arrows show the path from the hotel); there's also a newer campus map.

Accommodation: Most participants will be staying at the Holiday Inn Coral Gables/University of Miami, located right next to the University of Miami campus. (You should have received information from Sylvia Bacallao, The hotel address is: 1350 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables FL 33146; phone: 1-305-667-5611.

Airport: Miami International Airport is about 7 miles from campus. The most convenient way to reach the hotel or the campus is to take a taxi. Invited participants: When booking flights, please keep in mind NSF and University of Miami rules. Only US-based airlines are permitted (more specifically your plane ticket mush be issued by a US air carrier and show US carrier flight numbers). Please keep all your original boarding passes since they will be needed for reimbursement.

Conference on Homological Mirror Symmetry – January 23-27, 2012

Tentative schedule   (Abstracts are on a separate page)

Monday January 23

9:00amOpening - A. Kaifer, Dean, U. Miami
9:15amM. Kontsevich: Stability I
Tea break
10:30amA. Goncharov: Ideal webs and moduli spaces of local systems on surfaces
11:45amK. Costello: The quantum BCOV theory and higher genus mirror symmetry
Lunch break
2:30pmD. Kaledin: Cyclic K-theory
Tea break
4:00pmC. Diemer: Secondary Stacks and Toric Hypersurface Degenerations
5:15pmI. Zharkov: Tropical Homology

Tuesday January 24

9:15amM. Kontsevich: Stability II
Tea break
10:30amY. Soibelman: Motivic knot invariants
11:45amE. Lupercio: Noncommutative toric geometry
Lunch break
2:30pmK. Fukaya: Smoothing moduli spaces and Lagrangian Floer theory of arbitrary genus
Tea break
4:00pmM. Abouzaid: On the Fukaya categories of plumbings
5:15pmG. Kerr: Symplectomorphism Group Relations and Landau-Ginzburg Degenerations

Wednesday January 25

9:15amM. Kontsevich: Geometry of Wall Crossing Formulas
Tea break
10:30amC. Simpson: Topological structure at infinity of moduli spaces of flat connections
11:45amM. Ballard: Phases of the B-model: Variation of GIT for toric LG-models
Lunch break
2:30pmG. Mikhalkin: Quantized enumeration of planar curves
Tea break
4:00pmD. Favero: Phases of the B-model: Applications, including Homological Projective Duality
5:15pmA. Efimov: Quantum cluster variables via Donaldson-Thomas theory, I

Thursday January 26

9:15amD. Auroux: Lagrangian fibrations on conic bundles and mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces
Tea break
10:30amA. Polishchuk: Phases of Lagrangian-invariant objects in the derived category of an abelian variety
11:45amA. Kuznetsov: Categorical resolutions of singularities
Lunch break
2:30pmW. Lowen: On deformations of triangulated categories
Tea break
4:00pmA. Efimov: Quantum cluster variables via Donaldson-Thomas theory, II
5:15pmG. Alston: Real Lagrangians in the quintic

Friday January 27

9:15amM. Gross: Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type I
Tea break
10:30amB. Siebert: Generalized theta functions
11:45amC. Woodward: Wall-crossing in Gromov-Witten and Floer theory
Lunch break
2:30pmT. Pantev: Shifted symplectic structures and quantization
Tea break
4:00pmH. Ruddat: Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type II

Conference dedicated to F. Bogomolov's 65th birthday – January 28-29, 2012

Tentative schedule   (Abstracts are on a separate page)

Saturday January 28

9:15amA. Efimov: Cyclic homology of matrix factorizations
Tea break
10:30amM. Kontsevich: Hodge conjecture for abelian varieties - pro and contra
11:45amK. Fukaya: Applications of Lagrangian Floer theory of arbitrary genus
Lunch break
2:30pmD. Auroux: Homological mirror symmetry for punctured spheres
Tea break
4:00pmY. Eliashberg: Rigid and flexible Weinstein manifolds
5:15pmV. Lunts

Sunday January 29

9:15amT. Pantev: Constructions of generalized monopoles
Tea break
10:30amV. Alexeev: Extending Torelli map to different compactifications of the Siegel space
11:45amR. Vakil: Stabilization of discriminants in the Grothendieck ring
Lunch break
2:30pmB. Poonen: Néron-Severi groups under specialization
Tea break
4:00pmS. Kaliman