Math 290 - Seminar on Mirror Symmetry - Fall 2011

D. Auroux - Thu., 5-6:30pm, Room 891 Evans


This is a continuation of the seminar held last semester (on geometric aspects of mirror symmetry, the SYZ conjecture, and homological mirror symmetry). The plan for this semester is to focus on geometric and algebraic aspects of Fukaya categories by going over Seidel's book on the subject. If time permits we will then see some applications to homological mirror symmetry.

Prerequisite: some knowledge of symplectic geometry. Having attended last spring's seminar will help in the later part of the semester; but we will aim to remain self-contained as long as possible.

What's happening

Topics we didn't cover:

Optional topics for even later (depending on interests and time):

Further optional topics (not this semester!): or in a different direction:


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