Math 241 - Complex Manifolds - Spring 2011

D. Auroux - Tue. & Thu., 11-12:30pm, Room 81 Evans

Instructor: Denis Auroux (

Office: 817 Evans.
Office hours: by appointment.

Course outline

The course will begin with Riemann surfaces, then proceed with higher-dimensional complex manifolds. The topics include: differential forms, Cech and Dolbeault cohomology, divisors and line bundles, Riemann-Roch, vector bundles, connections and curvature, Kahler-Hodge theory, Lefschetz theorems, Kodaira theorems.

Prerequisites: Math 214 (Differentiable Manifolds) and 215A (Algebraic Topology)

Grading: based on homework

Recommended texts


Homework will be due every other week. Assignments will be posted here.

Approximate schedule

Part 1: Riemann surfaces

Part 2: Complex manifolds