Math 215B - Algebraic Topology - Spring 2012

D. Auroux - MWF 10-11am, Room 891 Evans

Instructor: Denis Auroux (

Office: 817 Evans.
Office hours: by appointment.

Course outline

The course will mainly focus on homotopy theory (homotopy groups, relations between homotopy and homology, fibrations, obstruction theory) and on characteristic classes. If time permits we will also give brief introductions to spectral sequences and to Morse homology.

Prerequisites: Math 215A or equivalent (Algebraic Topology); Math 214 (Differentiable Manifolds) recommended

Grading: based on homework

Recommended texts

There are also useful lecture notes written for this class by Michael Hutchings.

Finally, here are some handwritten notes (not guaranteed to be always readable):


Homework will be due every 2-3 weeks. Assignments will be posted here.

Topics covered in class

Part 1: Homotopy theory

Part 2: Characteristic classes