Atoshi Chowdhury

Office: 1067 Evans Hall
Email: atoshi [symbol] berkeley [symbol] edu

I am an RTG Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley. My research is in algebraic geometry.

CV: PDF. (last updated 12/15/2014)
Research statement: PDF. (last updated 11/29/2014)


  • Stability of line bundles on K3 surfaces of Type II. (in preparation)
  • Compactifying the relative Picard functor over degenerations of varieties: PDF. (preprint, subject to revision; last updated 10/31/2014)
  • Compactifying Picard stacks over degenerations of surfaces. Stanford University Ph.D. thesis, 2012.
  • Rational realization of maximum eigenvalue multiplicity of symmetric tree sign patterns (with L. Hogben, J. Melançon, and R. Mikkelson). Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol. 418 (2006), 385-390.

    N.B. I do not know who created the 'blog' that turns up if you google my name; I have no connection with it and do not endorse any claims it makes.