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Math 250B: Graduate Algebra II

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting on 1/27/2015, lectures will be held in 3113 Etcheverry.

Basic information:


Note: Personal electronic copies of these texts are freely available to Berkeley students via springer link.

List of Topics:

The emphasis will be on commutative algebra required for algebraic geometry and number theory. Other topics will be discussed, especially some general homological algebra and group cohomology.

Tentative List of Topics:


Below are some lecture notes from the class. NOTE: These are mostly informal, and you should read them with caution. You should assume that every sentence has typos and mistakes. Also, many proofs are omitted, especially ones that involve commutative diagrams. Don't use these notes as a reference!

Category Theory and Homological Algebra:


Homework assignments will appear below.


Final grades will be based on homework, including a final longer (somewhat cumulative) homework assignment.