Math-113 Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Spring 2020 Section 3

Lectures: Tuesday-Thursday 11:00AM-12:30PM (Berkeley Time) Online starting March 10

Professor: Semeon Artamonov

Textbook: John B. Fraleigh, A First Course in Abstract Algebra, 7th edition

Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12:40PM-2:10PM (or by Appointment) Online starting March 10


GSI: Benjamin Castle

GSI Office Hours: Monday 2-4 PM, Tuesday 2-5 PM, Wednesday 9:30-11:30 PM, Thursday 12-3 PM Online starting March 16

Homework Assignments

Reading Assignments

Tue, Jan. 21Motivation for Abstract Algebra, Sets and Equivalence relations§0-§1
Thu, Jan. 23Binary Structures and Isomorphisms between them§2-§3
Tue, Jan. 28Groups and Subgroups§4-§5
Thu, Jan. 30Cyclic groups§6
Tue, Feb. 4Generating sets and Cayley diagrams§7
Thu, Feb. 6Group of Permutations§8
Tue, Feb. 11Orbits and Cycles, Even and Odd Permutations§9
Thu, Feb. 13The Alternating Group§9
Tue, Feb. 18Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem§10
Thu, Feb. 20Direct Products and Finitely Generated Abelian Groups§11
Tue, Feb. 25Group of plane isometries§12
Thu, Feb. 27Midterm I
Tue, Mar. 3Group Homomorphisms§13
Thu, Mar. 5Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem and Factor Groups§14
Tue, Mar. 10Simple Groups, Center, and Commutator Subgroups§15
Thu, Mar. 12Free Groups and Homomorphisms of Free Groups§39
Tue, Mar. 17Group Presentations§40
Thu, Mar. 19Rings and Ring Homomorphisms§18
Tue, Mar. 24No class, Spring Break
Thu, Mar. 26No class, Spring Break
Tue, Mar. 31Midterm II
Thu, Apr. 2Integral Domains§19
Tue, Apr. 7Fermat and Euler Theorems§20
Thu, Apr. 9The Field of Fractions of an Integral Domain§21
Tue, Apr. 14Ring of Polynomials§22
Thu, Apr. 16Irreducible Polynomials§23
Tue, Apr. 21Ring Homomorphisms and Factor Rings§26
Thu, Apr. 23Prime and Maximal Ideals§27
Tue, Apr. 28Principal Ideal Domains and Unique Factorization Domains§45
Thu, Apr. 30Algebraic Varieties and Ideals§28