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  • I am living in Southern California, having moved to UC San Diego. Email to either address ends up the same place.

    Here are some expository papers/transparencies from talks that do a good job of what I've been up to in the past few years:

  • 1999: The symplectic and algebraic geometry of Horn's problem
  • 2003: Positivity, Effectivity, and Degeneration; my 2003 Keeler Lectures at University of Michigan
  • 2003: Four positive formulae for quiver polynomials my portion of a 3-person series of talks, based on this paper
  • 2004: Geometric vertex decompositions (pdf version) my FPSAC '04 talk, based on this paper
  • 2005: Torified simplicial posets from Samuel-Rees degenerations (pdf version) MIT algebraic geometry seminar, Feb 2005
  • 2005: Combinatorics of the Brauer loop scheme notes by my coauthor Paul Zinn-Justin from a talk Feb 2005, and
    Geometry of Weyl group representations and statistical mechanics, Caltech colloquium May 2005, each based on this joint paper
  • 2006: Limits of subvarieties: subschemes vs. branchvarieties (pdf version) MIT and Columbia algebraic geometry seminars, Feb 2006, based on this paper
  • 2007: Schubert calculus, matroids, and shifting Toronto colloquium, Sep 2007
  • 2008: The mathematics of juggling Secondo Festival della Matematica, Rome
  • I used to have my papers on this front page, but now I'm only showing off my coauthors. Most of them have the decency to come after me in the alphabet.
    Valery Alexeev Rebecca Goldin Jean-Claude Hausmann Tara Holm K Ezra Miller Ioanid Rosu Eric Sharpe Mark Shimozono Terry Tao Ravi Vakil Chris Woodward Alex Yong Paul Zinn-Justin

    What might it be like to have me as a thesis advisor? Here are those who know:

    Megumi Harada

    PhD 2003

    Nick Proudfoot

    PhD 2004
    U of Oregon

    Kevin Purbhoo

    PhD 2004

    Andre Henriques

    MIT PhD 2005
    going to Utrecht

    Joel Kamnitzer

    PhD 2005
    going to Toronto
    My 2005, 2003 and 2002 Hallowe'en costumes:
    (and in 2001, and in 2000, and in 1999)
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