Survey Articles in Riemannian Geometry

The papers in this volume were written by graduate students in the course Math 240, Riemannian Geometry, in the Spring Semester of 1995. The papers were revised by the authors after a reading by one other student and the instructor.

Each paper is either a survey of an area or a tutorial essay in a topic related to riemannian geometry. Students chose topics related to their research interests, and since many of them are working in topology, this is reflected in the large number of surveys in topology and hyperbolic geometry. Nevertheless, there are also papers in traditional areas of riemannian geometry (such as minimal surface theory) and topics related to operator algebras, symplectic geometry, and mathematical physics. We hope that these papers, which reflect the breadth and applications of riemannian geometry, will be useful for students and researchers interested in a quick look at many aspects of geometry and topology.

- Alan Weinstein

The papers are in PostScript format, suitable for viewing with programs such as ghostview, and printing on PostScript printers.

Projective Connections on Riemann Surfaces by Greg Anderson

Complete Embedded Minimal Surfaces in R3 by Karen Edwards

The Geometry of SL2(R) by Kevin Hartshorn

4-manifolds Which are Homeomorphic but not Diffeomorphic by David Gay

Geometric and Topological Rigidity Theorems by Andrew Lewis

Spin-c Manifolds by Blake Mellor

Singular Riemannian Geometry by Julie Mitchell

The Maslov class and the second fundamental form by Dmitry Roytenberg

Concentration phenomena and applications to random matrices by Dimitri Shlyakhtenko

Some Finiteness Theorems and How to Use Gromov-Hausdorff Convergence to Get Them by Kim Whittlesey

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