Survey Articles in Riemannian Geometry

The papers in this volume were written by graduate students in the course Math 240, Riemannian Geometry, in the Fall Semester of 2003. The papers were revised by the authors after a reading by one other student and the instructor.

Each paper is either a survey of an area or a tutorial essay in a topic related to riemannian geometry. We hope that these papers will be useful for students and researchers interested in a quick look at several aspects of riemannian geometry and its applications.

- Alan Weinstein
The papers are in pdf format. 

A Brief History of Morse Homology by Yanfeng Chen

Surveying Shape Spaces by Charless Fowlkes

Chern-Weil Theory and Some Results on Classic Genera by Fei Han

The Spectrum of the Laplacian in Riemannian Geometry by Martin Vito Cruz