Andrew Hanlon

853 Evans Hall
Department of Mathematics
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720

E-Mail: firstinitial "dot" lastname "AT" berkeley "dot" edu


I am a fourth year graduate student in mathematics at UC Berkeley advised by Denis Auroux. My research interests lie in symplectic topology and homological mirror symmetry. Symplectic topology is concerned with the global invariants of symplectic manifolds, which have no local invariants. Roughly, homological mirror symmetry is a conjecture due to M. Kontsevich and inspired by physics relating one of these global invariants, the Fukaya category, to an invariant of a mirror algebraic variety. In fact, the mirror space in some cases is better treated as a space equipped with a holomorphic function rather than just a manifold. My current research relates to the Laurent polynomials mirror to compact toric varieties and autoequivalences of their Fukaya-Seidel categories.


"Anything beyond geometry is beyond us" - Blaise Pascal


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