Sharp Furstenberg Sets Estimate in the Plane

The HADES seminar on Tuesday, October 24th will be at 3:30pm in Room 740.

Speaker: Kevin Ren

Abstract: Fix a real number 0 < s <= 1. A set E in the plane is a s-Furstenberg set if there exists a line in every direction that intersects E in a set with Hausdorff dimension s. For example, a planar Kakeya set is a special case of a 1-Furstenberg set, and indeed we know that 1-Furstenberg sets have Hausdorff dimension 2. However, obtaining a sharp lower bound for the Hausdorff dimension of s-Furstenberg sets for any 0 < s < 1 has been a challenging open problem for half a century. In this talk, I will illustrate the rich connections between the Furstenberg sets conjecture and other important topics in geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis, and show how exploring these connections can fully resolve the Furstenberg conjecture. Joint works with Yuqiu Fu and Hong Wang.

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