We have a few different resources for those seeking information about DRP projects and programs. In particular, these may be helpful to anyone trying to find a topic or idea for a DRP project.

  1. We’ve compiled a list of possible project topics here. Many of these require little or no background knowledge and so will be suitable for most DRP participants.
  2. We maintain a list of topics of past DRP projects here. These topic may vary in the background necessary to understand them, but they have all been accessible to at least some of our participants.
  3. We have links to websites for other math DRP websites here. In addition to providing general program information for various DRP’s, many of these websites contain pages for past DRP projects and/or project ideas. These projects may have varying levels of required background knowledge.

If you’re not sure whether you have the background necessary for a particular topic, don’t worry! DRP participants will discuss their project topics and ideas with their DRP mentors, and mentors can help figure out what background is necessary for a given DRP project.