Theo Drivas (Stony Brook)

The APDE seminar on Monday, 3/13, will be given by Theo Drivas (Stony Brook) via Zoom from 4:10pm to 5:00pm PST. To participate, please email Federico Pasqualotto ( or Mengxuan Yang (

Title: Irreversible phenomena in 2D perfect fluids

Abstract: We discuss a number of results that reveal a form of irreversibility in the two-dimensional Euler equations governing the motion of an incompressible and inviscid (perfect) fluid. Specifically, we establish results on aging, wandering, and filamentation in perfect fluids. The main tool in establishing these results is an all-time stability of twisting result for 2d Hamiltonian flows, which allows us to deduce infinite-time results in settings where only static bounds are available.