Jared Wunsch (Northwestern)

The APDE seminar on Monday, 11/04 will be given by Jared Wunsch in Evans 939 from 4:10 to 5pm.

Title: A tale of two resolvent estimates

I will discuss two new results concerning the best of resolvent estimates and the worst of resolvent estimates.  In the former, case, that of nontrapping obstacles or metrics, we have obtained (in joint work with Galkowski and Spence) optimal, dynamically determined, constants in the standard non-trapping estimate for the (chopped off) resolvent.  In the latter case, that of obstacles or metrics that may have very strong trapping, I will discuss joint work with Lafontaine and Spence that shows the estimates to be a far, far better thing than you might have expected, provided you omit a small set of frequencies from consideration.