Annalaura Stingo (UC Davis)

The APDE seminar on Monday, 04/15 will be given by Annalaura Stingo in Evans 740 from 4:10 to 5pm.

Global existence of small amplitude solutions for a model quadratic quasilinear wave-Klein-Gordon system in 2D.


In this talk we discuss the problem of global existence of solutions to a coupled wave-Klein-Gordon system in space dimension two when initial data are small, smooth and mildly decaying at infinity. Several physical models related to general relativity have shown the importance of studying such systems but very few results are known at present in low space dimension, where linear solutions slowly decay in time.

We study here a model quadratic quasilinear two-dimensional system, in which the nonlinearity writes in terms of “null forms”, and prove global existence by propagating a-priori energy estimates and optimal uniform estimates on the solution. In proving such estimates one has to deal with several issues such as the quasilinear nature of the problem, the very low decay in time of quadratic nonlinearities, the fact that initial data are not compactly supported…

We will show how to obtain energy estimates by using systematically quasilinear normal forms, in their para-differential version. Uniform estimates will instead be recovered by deducing a new coupled system of a transport equation and an ordinary differential equation from the starting PDE system by means of a semiclassical microlocal analysis of the problem.